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A weekend of great theater at theArena del Sole in Roccabianca with the new production by Mario Perrotta Ubu Award 2022 as Best new text / dramaturgical writing and with a poetic and acrobatic circus-theater show suitable for all audiences.


Saturday JANUARY 14 21.15


a show by Mario Perrotta

consultancy to dramaturgy Massimo Recalcati

with Luigi Bignone, Dalila Cozzolino, Matteo Ippolito, Mario Perrotta and – in video – Arturo Cirillo, Alessandro Mor, Marta Pizzigallo Paola Roscioli, Maria Grazia Solano

assistant director Marica Nicolai

Sabrina Beretta costumes

Diana videos | Ilaria Scarpa | Luca Telleschi

production Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, Permàr

In a house that is limbo, which is purgatory, for anyone who moves in, lives in transit who stay for the necessary time – a day or even a lifetime – pay a negligible rent and in black and this leaves them free to choose how long to stay , when to go. Only one has always stayed there: Gaetano, the owner of the rental. At the moment, there are four lives in the house. We see all environments as if the walls were transparent. The house is fluid, like the lives that live there. The only certainties are four design monitors, white, like huge smartphones. The families of origin of the inhabitants are incumbent on each of them: parents, sisters, cousins… 13 characters for a bitterly comic plot, an endless twisting of lives at risk, entangled as they are in reflecting on themselves.

admission 18 euros

video link:


Sunday JANUARY 15 16.00

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of Circus Carpa Diem

with Katharina Gruener and Luca Sartor

external eye Fabrizio Rosselli

stage costumes Giulia Rossi

sets Betti Cau

light design Dario Andreoli

co-production Teatro Necessario with the support of ACCI Associazione Circo Contemporaneo Italia

He is naive, distracted and a dreamer, she is pure energy, speed and movement. Together they are like water and flour, together they prepare bread in a day that seems simple and normal, just like daily bread, but is actually magical and surprising, just like the two of them. Tulli reads upside down suspended from a pole, Vroni rides his bicycle pedaling with his hands and guiding with his feet. They are funny, tender and surreal, they knead with four hands and while waiting for the bread to rise and cook, they give us a journey through time and feelings, accompanied by the songs of the 50s, the radio reports and that will to live that breathed in the years of reconstruction. DoppioZero takes the viewer by the hand and invites him to abandon himself to the gaze of childhood that finds his silent words in the contemporary circus.

Entrance 5 euros

video link:

information and reservations 339.5612798

The article is in Italian

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