Caritas offers the possibility of carrying out civil service

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An important service socially

The application to participate in the call for universal civil service expires on February 10th together with Caritas Senigallia and Caritas Marche: the possibilities for boys and girls who want to get involved in the social field and experience a period of practical and constructive service are many and always very interesting.

There are 15 places in total, all to be carried out in Senigallia: precisely 7 for the project “Abitare la Comunità Marche”, 4 for “Agrigiovani Senigallia” and 4 for “Giovani oggi Senigallia”. The Civil Service is a choice that can turn your life around, it lasts 12 months and involves a commitment of 5 or 6 days. Putting yourself at the forefront of the service together with Caritas means supporting socio-rehabilitative pathways for people living in disadvantaged situations, promoting good welfare practices that are economically sustainable and care and listening.

“Abitare la Comunità Marche” aims to combat any form of economic or social poverty and ensure the health and well-being of all fragile people in the area, in particular by responding to those in conditions of extreme poverty and promoting their integration . “Agrigiovani Senigallia”, based in Casa San Benedetto, in Strada della Saline (Senigallia) seeks to achieve some fundamental objectives of the 2030 Agenda, increasing the social and work inclusion of those who are more fragile. “Young people today Senigallia” will have as its headquarters the Youth Ministry, in via Testaferrata in Senigallia, and aims to offer all-round accompaniment for the young users of the Centre, triggering moments of sociality and youth participation.

To apply, you need to submit your own application by 10 February 2023, equipped with Spid. More information on submitting the application on the website, while to get information on the service, on the offices, on Caritas, just write an email [email protected] or call 338.5099083 (Sonia) from Monday to Friday from 9 to 13.

Published on Tuesday January 10, 2023


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