“The ‘war’ of the ladies … hoping it’s not a bird pecking”

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Vincenzo Speziali

January 10, 2023 08:43

by Vincenzo Speziali

With regard to the dispute over the new degree course in Medicine, opened at the University of Cosenza, last Sunday, January 8, I had the opportunity to read the declaration of the Deputy Mayor – by now, you have to be careful of how the ladies want to feel institutionally appeal, not even if we were in the presence of Tina Anselmi or Anna Maria Nucci- although not much attention was needed to understand what she (i.e. Funaro) was trying to say, even in the face of an appreciable Italian (with relative appropriate use of concecutio temporum and news historical, absolutely real, but psychic).
In fact, Dr. Maria Pia Funaro – whose only baptismal name is the homonymous one of my dear friend, as well as former DC MP, undersecretary and then Minister (coincidentally for Health), President of the Italian Red Cross and Deputy Mayor of Rome Capital, that is, Maria Pia Garavaglia – I said Dr. Funaro, she has well illustrated her highly respectable point of view, so parochial in Cosenza, to the point that she gave a not bad little lesson to her colleague and counterpart from Catanzaro, and also her Regional President, in how much both are from the PD.
Dear Madam Deputy Mayor of Cosenza, you are right, but up to a certain point, since now I will explain two or three things to you, net of politics, history, vision and even the constructive polemic, obviously, never instrumental – since I don’t allow her – with all the respect due to the fairer sex – to want to ‘win easy’, even with her recognized well-arguing, which, however, is recited in any way and ‘fenced off’, although she wants to cloak it in aulicisms and visions.
Yes, the debate with myself is more complex, as I have no apparent cognitive approximations, like your unfortunate (and ineffective?) previous ‘counterparty’.

It is right to remark – therefore `correct the temporal and political blunder – about his ‘commare’ (I use this term by virtue of your common militancy in a Party that was never born, such as the PD and then because I don’t know if the feminine declension from ‘compare’ to ‘compara’, therefore make vobis!), therefore referring to Giusi Iemma, who has incurred – although I like her – in one of her usual and undoubted gaffes, typical of those who are neophytes in politics ( and if for this, an inclined cincinin, compared to history).
Indeed, the fact that Vice (Fiorita) had quoted the ‘Columbus Package’, regarding the designation of the University of Calabria, locating it – by virtue of a bill, that law! – in Cosenza, it falls within a typo similar to the ‘crazy tavanates’, which Simona Ventura used – as a joke – in many of her well-known and successful television broadcasts.
You are right, law 442 of 12 March 1968, has no bearing on the guidelines of the Colombo Government, which took over its functions in 1970 and remained in office until 1972, even though it had within it (the Colombo Government precisely) as Minister of Education (at the time coeval, also holder of the university delegation), a Cosenza and at the same time a man of great culture, that is Riccardo Misasi.
The law you referred to – I repeat the 442 of 12 March 1968 – belongs to Moro III whose delegate minister was Luigi Gui (another eminent Christian Democrat deputy, friend and colleague of my grandfather, in the Party, in the Government and in Parliament, in addition to having I also had the honor of knowing).
Once again my friend Giusi slipped on the banana peel, not to mention another gaffe, but one of Mike Bongiorno – also known for his equally brandish defaillances! – who, to a competitor of Rischiatutto (during the years ’70), when the unfortunate girl got a wrong answer, so the presenter commented: “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Signora Longari, it fell on my cock!”
Dr. Funaro, Deputy Mayor of Cosenza, is right and I also confirm it, because the ‘Colombo Package’ with CIPE resolution no. 1 of 28 January 1971, was nothing more than an industrial investment plan for the areas most depressed regions of Southern Italy, i.e. Calabria and Sicily, foreseen and wanted by that executive, headed by an excellent southerner, Emilio Colombo, who the current President of the Regional Council, Roberto Occhiuto, reminds me so much… obviously as a southerner.


However, Funaro’s ‘reconstruction’ on the composition of the troika is silent (this is the term… don’t think of anything else, but it is good to specify it, since we are faced with partial competences and we define them thus for love of country!) i.e., the configuration of the finance ministers at the time of the aforementioned provision is not mentioned, i.e. Mario Ferrari Aggradi (DC) at the Treasury, Luigi Preti (PSDI) at Finance and Antonio Giolitti (PSI, who was even Secretary of the same CIPE), to the Budget.
However, it is precisely here that the donkey falls – not Longari’s animal mentioned above – since, dear Deputy Mayor of Cosenza, if your counterpart colleague and, also your Regional President – of the usual never born Party, who it cannot be defined with dignity as a Party (Parties are serious matters!!!) – I was saying if its ‘commare’ or ‘compare’ or ‘compare’ – in short, do as you prefer to be addressed, as Nilde Jotti had no problems to be appealed President of the Chamber, (1979/1992), ditto Tina Anselmi as Minister of Labor first (Andreotti III and IV) and of Health after (Andreotti V) – I was saying if her counterpart Iemma does not know how to reply (and perhaps it is better that she doesn’t do it, in the face of some further improvident exit that would put her and all of Catanzaro in difficulty), it is I who specifies and stigmatises the ‘cauda venenum’ of her saying.

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Certainly she will ask me: who are you?
I answer: 1) POLITICS, or the one I have been doing for the longest time of your person and which has credibility, knowledge and even vision; 2) one who knows more than all of you put together (including the Cuban president, who is not up to me to say if I am referring to Occhiuto, or Miguel Díaz-Canel).
And already, distinguished Dr. Maria Pia, not Garavaglia and not even Fanfani, but Funaro, it is the agitprop method that you have used and used, even net of the alleged and ‘contemptuous’, phrase, that makes me think, or that “incidentally”.
Yes, it is precisely this, literally repeated, that burns, since it is skilfully inserted, in its reference to law 590 of August 14, 1982 (in the midst of the crisis of Spadolini I and during the negotiations that led to Spadomini II, with Ministers always Guido Bodrato at the Public Education and Giancarlo Tesini at the Coordination of Scientific and Technological Research, both Christian Democrats): yes, I confirm it, it burns, it burns a lot and a lot more.
But is it ever possible, in a normal world, that there is so little form of expressive respect towards a regional capital? Above all by a public official such as you should be, Deputy Mayor of a large city, who moreover ventures minutely into historical-legislative references, therefore pertaining to my subject matter (certainly not that of many contemporaries), i.e. the policy!
It is it that is missing, and together with this poor and vilified politics, it is also the politicians who are missing – an obvious postulative consequence – but so be it, to the bad luck of all of us citizens.
In addition, in the end, between the arrows and darts that the two ladies throw at each other, I would not want us to find ourselves in front of the pecking of poultry, even if however, if ever we were in a field of fowl, we still do not hear the sound issued by the rooster (I would be careful not to call him chicken!), i.e. the Dem Regional Secretary (i.e. the usual unborn Party, which is the previously mentioned PD), who in turn, faced with the ‘clash’ between the President Regional and Deputy Mayor of Catanzaro, Giusi Iemma precisely (even net of her usual and various gaffes) and the Deputy Mayor of Cosenza, also from the same (para)political organization, i.e. Maria Pia, not Garavaglia and not even Fanfani , but Funaro (…and I said everything, without saying anything!), he the Irto Nicolino, what is he doing? What does he say? What position does he take? What idea does he represent on behalf of the (pseudo) Party, of which he would appear to be ‘guide and conductor’ on the spot.
One might say that such a fellow is the guide, but above all that he is the conductor, almost as if we were grappling with a D’Artagnan without the desire to swordsman, either because he lacks courage, or because he doesn’t come (just like what Manzoni said about someone he could not give it to himself, in the absence of having it).
And in the meantime, without an authoritative political guide, without vision, without charisma, Catanzaro suffers, is ‘vilified’, even more, snatched, ‘sacked’, with Cosenza which rightly knows how to impose itself, making the best use of its pro tempore ‘strength’ in the while Fiorita looks on, sad and disconsolate, as if to say: ‘I dream or am I awake’?

Others, however, out of an inherent narcissism to be satisfied, perhaps hope, precisely in Cosenza, as if it were a chimera or a positively heralding illusion, and yet in the end, with so much dilettantism that they have to bear, one would really want to scream “…and not if they want to leave”!

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