Andrea Maestrelli against Nicole Murgia: “He beat me”

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The aftermath of the break between Nicole Murgia And Andrea Maestrelli they also entered the House of “Big Brother VIP”until it becomes a real case to be faced during the twenty-seventh episode of the reality show.

Alfonso Signorini’s attention was focused on a confidence that the competitor addressed to his friend Edoardo Tavassi using the Snap code, referring to what happened during their story: “He beat me. I have been to the hospital twice. Horn”.

“When his plate broke he had cut himself, this is true, and he went to the hospital to get one or two stitches – Nicole tries to explain – I don’t know about other episodes, maybe he’ll tell you about them. If he wants me to pass as a violent person, I don’t want to say anything else, also to protect the people who are out there “.

“I’m sorry that this thing came out, we absolutely didn’t want to – comments Maestrelli – The truth is that Nicole is more ready than me to speak in front of the cameras. But I don’t need to belittle her to elevate me”.


The tension between the two had emerged very clearly during a face to face born for an unwelcome nomination by the actress. The two had not spared each other, bringing out some details about the end of their story, including falling in love of the girl towards another man and some stormy episodes, up to “flying plates” during a discussion.

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