Rome remembers David Sassoli

Rome remembers David Sassoli
Rome remembers David Sassoli
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One year after his death, the book “Wisdom and Audacity. Speeches for Italy and for Europe”

Drafting – 9 January 2023

Lto wisdom and audacity. Speeches for Italy and for Europe is the title of the book, presented at the Teatro Quirino – Vittorio Gassman, which collects the main interventions by David Sassoli.

The volume, edited by the journalist Claudio Sardo with a preface by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, aims to remember the President of the European Parliament a year after his death, highlighting the values ​​in which he believed, those of Europe and good politics, and the concept of a ‘new Europe’ which was the frame of destiny for which he worked even in moments of greatest crisis in the EU.

Indeed, it is a shared opinion that Sassoli defended the democratic institution of the European Union, fighting for Parliament to have legislative initiative. His election coincided with an agenda for change aimed at mending the rift between Europe and the people; his leadership, during the Covid emergency, allowed the Commission and the European Council to move forward the work and approve the Next Generation Eu, the plan aimed at supporting the member states affected by the pandemic.


The event organized in Rome saw the participation, among others, of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen who recalled the visit made in the summer of 2021 to Fossoli where, with the inspection of the concentration camp and the meeting with the survivors and children of the victims, Sassoli’s speech sounded like a love letter to the European Union, born as a response to the horrors of war.

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Sassoli believed that the task of the European institutions was to be vigilant, hard defending the dignity and rights of all, believing in the power of European democracy while recognizing its fragility. One year after his death, his values ​​and ideas continue to be a compass for the common challenges that Europe faces.

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