“Interventions on the increase, but fleet of vehicles to be renewed”. Waiting for the new barracks

“Interventions on the increase, but fleet of vehicles to be renewed”. Waiting for the new barracks
“Interventions on the increase, but fleet of vehicles to be renewed”. Waiting for the new barracks
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Matteo Visani, territorial coordinator Fns Cisl of the metropolitan area of ​​Bologna. Photo Isolapress

Lto new barracks and a renewal of the vehicle fleet from the headquarters of the Imola fire brigade. These are the main problems that must find a solution, according to Matthew Visani, in service in via Manfredi and territorial coordinator of the Fns Cisl union for the metropolitan area. «That of vehicles is a problem for the whole province of Bologna – underlines Visani -. The fire engine we have in Imola dates back to 2005». Practically in 2023 she will be of age. And for the branch branch category SD4 (that of Imola) there is only one fire engine, with the possibility of supporting other vehicles (such as ladder trucks, tank trucks and off-road vehicles, to name a few).
Then there is the question of the barracks, located in via Manfredi. «At the time the location was optimal, now we are in the middle of the city. Moreover, in front of a very busy school». You can guess the risks when an emergency vehicle leaves the gate with sirens blaring at peak times. This is why the construction of the new barracks in via Bel Poggio is eagerly awaited, as signed on 4 November 2021. Over 7 thousand square meters sold by the Diocese of Imola to the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation which transferred them to the state property. «To date, the process has stopped at the transition from state property to the national body of firefighters – updates Visani -. After that we will proceed with the allocation of funds and with the tenders”. So years before seeing it operational.
The reporting of the problems was also an opportunity to take stock of the interventions for 2022, results that have increased compared to the previous four years: 1,702 interventions carried out by Imola. The most widespread case is the opening of doors and windows (462 interventions), followed by fires (383, also due to the summer drought) and rescue of people, animals, etc. (160). “The numbers return an unequivocal datum: the operations of the firefighters are structural and necessary” underlines Enrico BassaniCisl general secretary for the metropolitan area.

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