Fuel prices are rising! Here are the checks by the Guardia di Finanza

Fuel prices are rising! Here are the checks by the Guardia di Finanza
Fuel prices are rising! Here are the checks by the Guardia di Finanza
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The General Command of the Guardia di Finanzastarting in March 2022 – in conjunction with the increase in the price of gas, electricity and fuel – has, among other things, given instructions to the Departments to implement the surveillance system of roadside fuel distribution systems and commercial depots, paying particular attention to:

to. dynamics of the trend of prices in the phase of variation of excise rates;

b. need to verify the regular communication of the prices applied by type of fuel to MIMIT (Ministry of Companies and Made in Italy), as well as the correct display to the public of the prices of the products marketed and the correspondence with those actually charged.

During 2022, 5,187 interventions of this kind were carried out, also thanks to a specific action plan, on a national scale, called “Fuel prices”, contesting 2,809 violations of the price discipline.

Of such violations, 717 concerned the lack of disclosure and/or discrepancies in the prices charged compared to the prices indicated e 2,092 the failure to notify the Ministry.

In anticipation of the end of the year, the Minister of Economy and Finance has appointed the Corps to intensify controls on fuel prices, having particular regard to the motorway distribution network and sensitive territorial contexts, due to the restoration of the ordinary excise tax rates and the concomitant intensification of vehicular traffic.

This indication was immediately followed by a specific directive for the launch, already from the first days of 2023, of a new plan, on a national scale, concerning the price of fuels, with the involvement of over 660 operational Departments of the Corps and the constant support of the Special Departments.

To curb unlawful conduct in the sector under review, for 2023 the Guardia di Finanza will ensure a structured and widespread enforcement activity throughout the territory, also in order to help control price increases, acting along three lines:

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to. on the one hand, with the “price surveillance” activities which saw the involvement of all the Departments of the Body;

b. on the other hand, through the special component which provides constant support, as well as to the operating departments, also to the guarantor for price surveillance and to the competition and market authority (AGCM), in the context of some preliminary investigations launched, for the purpose of ascertaining any violations of sector legislation;

c. finally, through the usual conversations with the Judicial Authority.

In this regard, it should be noted that any speculative maneuvers on fuel prices could potentially constitute hypotheses
sanctioned by articles 501 and 501-bis of the penal code, entitled, respectively, “fraudulent rise and fall of prices on the public market or on trading exchanges” and “speculative maneuvers on goods”.to

(Court Authorization n. 466)

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