Maria Chiara Guida and Alessandro Polato killed instantly

Maria Chiara Guida and Alessandro Polato killed instantly
Maria Chiara Guida and Alessandro Polato killed instantly
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SAN DONA’ DI PIAVE – Fatal road accident on the evening of Sunday 8 January in the Venetian area. There were five of them two diedthree are injured and hospitalized. The victims are Mary Clare Guide 20 years old and Alexander Polato aged 23.

The car jams against the guardrail

An evening with friends that ended in a tragedy: the car that goes off the road and gets stuck against the section of a guard rail; the front part almost intact, which on closer inspection looked like it had just taken a beating and was only causing trouble for the owner’s wallet to pay for the bodywork, the right back, instead, ripped open by the metal rod, and even at first glance it was clear that for whoever was sitting there, fate had played a terrible joke. It happened last night just before 20 in via Lungo Piave Superiore at number 5.

A dangerous road

It is a very narrow road, which runs alongside the Piave embankment, and at that point it is particularly dangerous, at least according to what the locals say, who for years have been asking the Municipality in vain for interventions to reduce speed and above all to warn of the risks. The call to the Mestre fire department arrived at 20:03 and came from one of the residents who was at home and heard a bang. On the long embankment, together with the firefighters, some cars of the carabinieri and the rescuers of the Suem 118 arrived.

The victims were seated in the back

The scene immediately appeared serious: the car, a blue Seat Ibiza, he skidded on the wet asphalt from rain which had been falling on the area since the early afternoon, and got stuck on the side member of the guardrail with the right rear part. The two victims were seated in the back and were hit by the twisted metal from the guardrail; the driver, the passenger who was traveling next to him and the one who was sitting behind the driver are injured but still alive, and have been transported to hospitals in the area.


Rescue and investigations

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The carabinieri are called to understand what really happened last night, whether the going off the road was caused by rain, by an illness from the driver, by a distraction, by an animal that crossed the road. The task of the firefighters, on the other hand, was completed after a couple of hours: the time to free the car from the sheet metal and extract the occupants to allow the Suem sanitary ware to intervene. The five were traveling in the direction of the center of San Donà di Piave, they came from the school citadel in the suburbs and by now they had reached a few hundred meters from the historic Vittoria bridge, not far from the iconic Bergamin furniture building, when the incident happened. ‘accident.

The witness

A witness, Paolo Longato who lives a few tens of meters from the point of impact, says he heard a loud bang and went out to see what had happened but that even before opening the door of the house he imagined that it was the yet another accident. The man said that several times, with the cars, they even ended up inside his garden and that, to avoid other victims, as well as to secure his own home, for about twenty years he has been asking the Municipality to intervene by installing bollards and adequate signage. Like him, other inhabitants of the area have repeatedly made the same requests. Until now they have not been heard. Maybe this time, with two young lives cut short and three others injured, someone will decide to take over that case.

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