Self-medication cuts in Rimini and Riccione, Brothers of Italy: “We need clarity”

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Evangelists: ‘Decision taken without any confrontation with the representatives’



| 14:37 – 09 January 2023

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“The Ausl Romagna explains the reasons that led to the suppression of the self-medicine service in the Rimini and Riccione areas”. Marta Evangelisti, the leader of the Fratelli d’Italia group, puts the question to the regional council. Together with her colleague Giancarlo Tagliaferri, she denounces the cutting of one of the three advanced emergency vehicles that join the ambulances in the most serious and complex rescue operations. The decision “of this further cut in services perpetrated to the detriment of citizens – specifies Evangelisti – was taken without a confrontation with the institutional representatives of the local communities” and from this derives the request for clarification. In addition to the main question, the Fdi exponent requests urgent intervention by the regional executive “to quickly restore the self-medicines suppressed in recent months in the various Romagna territories” to which he adds the request for an evaluation to understand if, “in the definition annual assessment of needs, the Ausl Romagna has carried out all the correct assessments also in compliance with current legislation”.

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The article is in Italian

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