run over and killed by a truck, save the child

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A woman died overwhelmed by a truck in Casatenovo, in the province of Lecco: she shielded her 8-year-old nephew with her body, saving his life

Posted on: 09-01-2023 13:10


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A 73-year-old woman who was taking her 8-year-old grandson to school was hit and killed by a lorry on the morning of Monday 9 January in Casatenovoin the province of Lecco, in Lombardy.

What happened

According to the reconstruction of the facts reported by ‘Il Giorno’, the woman would have done shield with his body to his nephewthus saving his life.

The two were trying to cross the road on the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Sp La Santa and via San Gaetano in Rogoredo, when the 73-year-old noticed the turning maneuver made by the truck, driven by a Spanish driver, and, sensing the danger, ha pushed the grandchild away saving his way. However, she was hit by the truck.

Photo Source: Tuttocittà

The accident occurred on the morning of Monday 9 January at the crossroads between Sp La Santa and via San Gaetano in Rogoredo, a hamlet of Casatenovo, in the province of Lecco.

The rescue

The first to rescue the woman hit by the truck was a nurse who was returning home from the night shift: the nurse alerted Areu’s rescuers and started the first resuscitation maneuvers.

The doctors of the Como air ambulance then arrived by helicopter at the scene of the accident, together with the volunteers of the White Cross. The child’s grandmother, however, is died instantly. The victim’s sister, a 66-year-old woman, suffered an illness.


How is the woman’s nephew?

According to reports from ‘Corriere della Sera’ regarding the accident which took place in Casatenovo, in the hamlet of Rogoredo, on the morning of Monday 9 January, the baby 8 years old, it is unharmed.

The child, who was expected at school for the resumption of school lessons after the Christmas holidays, was taken over by some volunteers who rushed to the scene of the accident together with the police. The Carabinieri are investigating the dynamics of what happened.


Photo Source: istock – ChiccoDodiFC

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