Luca Vialli, when and where the funeral will take place

Luca Vialli, when and where the funeral will take place
Luca Vialli, when and where the funeral will take place
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Luca Vialli passed away on the night of January 6 after a long battle against the disease. The world of football remembers him fondly, both as a footballer and as a man, that’s when and where his funeral will take place.

Luca Vialli, the funeral will take place in private form

Luca Vialli passed away on the night of January 6, bringing with him memories, tears and emotions.

The football world mourns and commemorates him, in Italy as well as in England.

The former striker, among others, of Sampdoria, Juventus and Chelsea left a good memory wherever he went, and now there are many messages of condolence.

Also there Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni greeted the former striker through social media, as he did Gabriel Gravina.

Serie A as a sign of respect and to remember him has established a minute of silence before each game, at the end of which each corner paid homage to the Lion King with a long round of applause.

Now is the time to think about Luca Vialli’s funeral, which will be held privately.

In the coming months it is not excluded that a public ceremony will be held to give anyone the opportunity to pay homage to him.

Where the funeral will take place

Luca Vialli was a humble man, despite the success that football brought him.

To pay homage to him, the family decided on a private ceremony, on which there is great secrecy about the date.

The ceremony will take place in London and it will be attended by family and close friends.

As previously mentioned, there will probably also be a public ceremony in the coming weeks in which everyone will be able to take part.

Mass in Italy

Luca Vialli’s funeral will therefore take place in London in private form and, although the date is not known, it will certainly not be today.

The family wanted to comply with the will of the 87-year-old mother, who wanted to hold a mass to be held in Italy.

This will be today in Cremonabirthplace of the Lion King, preparing to mourn Luca.

The entire Vialli family will be present at the function, including his father, wife, brothers and daughters.

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Vialli’s request

The disease influenced Vialli’s life, it changed his way of seeing and experiencing situations.

He understood the value of little things, of smiles, and that’s why he asked that the funeral be as cheerful as possible.

The family will also try to accommodate his willdespite the pain being immense.

London mourns Vialli

Italy and England, the two homelands of Luca Vialli, lived with great love and passion both in football and in life.

In Italy he is remembered for his great successes, for his quality and for his humanity.

He changed his shirt without ever losing the respect of his fansand this shows what a positive figure he was.

In England things were the same, and London these days is showering Stamford Bridge with flowers and touching messages.

A constant coming and going of fans of all ages who continue to pay homage to a great champion, a great man.

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Wife’s note

The pain is strong, very strong, to the point that even speaking is difficult.

His wife, married to Luca Vialli since 2003 known from her Chelsea days, she recently broke her silence.

“Luca was a very talented and well respected sportsman, but he was also the most loving husband and father in the world. We are devastated. Thank you for all your sincere love and support.”

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