The laboratories of the IIS “Corinaldesi-Padovano” damaged by the flood have reopened

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The Open Days of 14 and 22 January are approaching

The new year has brought the most awaited news as a gift: the reopening of the laboratories in the Padua area. Four months after the flood that hit them, the Institute in via Rosmini is back to full functionality. A surprising result, made possible by generous mobilization and great teamwork.

But this is not a simple return to the past: the completely renovated premises have been equipped with latest generation machinery and equipment, the best of what the market offers. Soon they will come alive again, joyfully greeting the peaceful invasion of girls and boys, eager to experiment, design, create and test themselves with chemistry, mechanics, engines, information technology, electronics and fashion. Middle school students and their families will be able to visit the entire Institute and the new spaces during the Open days scheduled on 14 and 22 January (by booking on the Institute website).

Of course, the end of the Christmas break will never have the flavor of a new beginning like this year.

Published on Monday January 9, 2023

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