Apple commercial for Christmas 2022: Share the Joy

Apple commercial for Christmas 2022: Share the Joy
Apple commercial for Christmas 2022: Share the Joy
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Music, snow and a touch of magic are the elements that characterize the Apple commercial for Christmas 2022: with the commercial published on November 17 on the YouTube channel, the brand invites its community to test the feature audio sharing with AirPods Pro to make the holidays more fun and exciting.

This Christmas 2022, Apple invites you to share the joy with AirPods Pro

In view of the holidays, the Cupertino giant has launched a commercial that focuses on the potential of AirPods Proespecially focusing on the feature developed by Apple, audio sharing.

The latter allows the sharing, live, of what you are listening to with another user who has an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch compatible with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, as stated on the Apple website. To take advantage of this feature it is also necessary to have compatible wireless headphones, such as AirPods Pro (but not only).

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In the new spot, set during the holidays, two friends are sitting at a table in a bar, both visibly bored; while a Christmas program is being broadcast on TV, one of the youth listening to music with his iPhones. He at one point show the girl the display of his smartphone, proposing to listen to the song Puff by Bhavi & Bizarrap; so the girl opens the AirPods Pro case while the friend shares with her there song in question via audio sharing.

It is then that the song starts and the first verses are heard, in Spanish, connected to the continuation of the commercial: «I’m a wizard / I disappear, poof». The two protagonists get up dancing to the rhythm of the song and, every time they touch, look or approach an object, it magically turns into snow, disappearing. Taken by enthusiasm, the two become the authors of one improvised choreography and, by throwing themselves, they fall onto a truck which, just like all other objects, also turns into snow.

The Apple commercial for Christmas 2022 closes with the sentence “Share the Joy“, the title of the spot, superimposed and the brand logo that becomes snow, like everything else, before disappearing.

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A “magic connection” between devices and between people, thanks to Apple devices

Similarly to the Samsung commercial for Christmas 2022, focused on the Quick Share function, present in various devices of the company, Apple has also chosen this year to propose an advertisement that focuses on specific functionality of one of its products.

Both commercials, curiously, are centered on sharing themetaking up a double meaning of the term: in fact, they invite users to to share of the moments of joy with the others, in view of the holidays, while exchanging (or indeed sharing) digital content (photos, videos, music tracks).

As far as the style of Apple Christmas advertising is concerned, it turns out to be very different from that of Samsung, but also from those launched by the Cupertino company in previous years: thinking for example of the Apple commercial for Christmas 2021, “Saving Simon“, as well as other commercials launched in the past, it is possible to notice the transition from a cinematic cut to a genre closer to the music video. Besides being a lot shorter than that of 2021 (which lasted about 3 minutes in the extended version), the new Apple commercial for Christmas 2022 features very subtle references to the holiday theme. Certainly the snowthe Christmas decorations of the bar and the magical effect caused by the sharing of music between the protagonists could be related to the Christmas period. For the rest, however, the entire commercial seems to focus on the idea of ​​a «magical connection» between devices and, more generally, among those who use Apple products[1]as stated on an AirPods Pro presentation page on the company website.

The new commercial, therefore, seems to underline the ability of Apple products to bring people togetherprompting users to to share your own at best passionsin an original way, almost magical.

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