Million Day today Monday 2 January 2023, the winning numbers

Million Day today Monday 2 January 2023, the winning numbers
Million Day today Monday 2 January 2023, the winning numbers
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Million Day draw today Monday 2 January 2023. Appointment with the live extraction tonight at 20.30 with the five numbers of Million Day. The game allows you to win with the classic game that extracts the winning combination of 5 numbers from 1 to 55 in play, and with the Extra extraction of numbers not drawn.

  • Million Day January 2, 2023: 14 20 33 34 39
  • Million Day Extra January 2, 2023: 2 12 15 16 43

Million Day 2 January 2023, how to collect winnings

These are the numbers of today’s Million Day drawthanks to which you have the opportunity to become a millionaire even by playing only a 1 euro card.

With only 1 euro more, the chances double for a second draw, that is, that of Million Day Extra in which 5 numbers are still drawn, considering only the 55 numbers not drawn in the first one classical extraction.

Million Day, prizes and how to play

If you have played and won with the MillionDay, there are different ways to collect the prize depending on whether it is a win online or with a paper ticket. For the low-end winnings from online gaming, equal to or less than €10,500 gross of withholding taxes of 8%, these will be credited to the Game Account.

To pocket high-end winnings above €10,500.00 gross of the 8% legal withholdings, the holder will instead have to request the collection of the winnings at any branch of Intesa Sanpaolo or at the Lottomatica SpA Awards Office., in Viale del Campo Boario 56/D, 00154 Rome. After 30 days, I can check AAMS, payment will be made.

If the bet slip was played in the betting shop (at the bar or in the tobacconist’s), to collect your winnings on the Million Day you must bring the coupon and receipt by hand to the following places:

  • under €543.48, at any point of sale and collect the prize;
  • under 2,300 euros, at the betting shop where the booking slip was purchased for payment by bank transfer.
  • In other cases (amount greater than 10,500 euros), you must book the collection of prizes at the MillionDay as already indicated in the article.

To calculate the winnings of this game then, just consider a basic bet of 1 euro, and depending on the numbers that come out, the player has the chance to win 2 euro for matching 2 numbers, 50 euro for matching 3 numbers, 1000 euro for matching 4 numbers and 1 million for matching all 5 winning numbers.

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