who she is and what we know about her

who she is and what we know about her
who she is and what we know about her
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Today female soldieryesterday sailorand the day before yesterday a Christian devoted to Putin. A woman, a mystery: this is what della appears to us blonde woman always behind Putin and always in front of the cameras.

It all started with a coincidence, a quick glance, and they’ve been going ever since the speculation about the identity behind this blonde womanand on his relationship with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The mysterious blonde woman always behind Putin: who she is and what we know about her

It all started with a simple trick on the part of Tadeusz Giczana Belarusian journalist living in London.

He notices that in the last televised shot behind Putin stands a blonde woman, whose face was not new to him. Tadeusz goes to double-check some old photos, all with this blonde woman behind Putin.

But once it is a faithful one who participates in a religious commemoration together with the Russian leader (Vladimir is of the Orthodox confession).

It’s another time a sailor on a boat, always with Putin praising them in front of Russian TV cameras.

And once again it is a female soldieralways behind Putin and always in front of the cameras.

Unless you’ve changed your career multiple times, that blonde woman cannot be whether a soldier, a sailor, or a devout Christian.

So who is this blonde woman? At the moment the identity is not clear, but she is supposedly an actress in Putin’s payroll. Even Giczan himself suspects that she is an actress, and he reiterated it away Twitter to a CNN correspondent, Clarissa Wardcommenting on everything in an ironic way:

“A soldier, a sailor, a devout Christian. God moves mysteriously”

Russia, the news denies: ‘It’s not the same person’

It was immediate the reply of the Russian press organs. “It’s not the same person“, they repeat in every article they publish on the subject.

As proof of this “curious coincidence”, the Russian press has published several articles and interviews pointing out how the blonde woman in question is not the same.

Despite this, the suspicion remains, also because it does not seem that she alone is suspected of being an actress. Always Giczan has noticed how there are other figures in these images doing two or more “jobs“, although less prominent than the blonde woman.

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The reason for resorting to actors for these events is purely for image. Russian propaganda wants to ensure that the image of Putin is always graniteeven in the face of the slow decline of his political career.

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The blonde woman symbol of Putin’s collapse

If stunt doubles, actors or actresses are used to fill the audience, it is a sign that your public image is at risk. Barely two weeks into the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Putin wanted to reaffirm the strength of his doing an address to the nation at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow.

From the cameras come images of a packed and cheering crowd. Everyone is there to celebrate Putin and his decision to invade Ukraine. Or so it seems from the pictures.

Several witnesses have described that day as a farce celebration, with people paid or forced to participate. It is rumored that thousands of civil servants would be forced to participateliterally loaded onto buses heading to the stadium.

Obviously the authorities and the media deny everything, but this is proof that there is no strong support from the populationcontrary to what Putin reiterates.

It is undeniable that today the Russian premier is experiencing a serious image crisiswhich could translate into a potential debacle for his career.

In addition to the failure of his special operation, now his eleventh month (and it was supposed to last a few weeks or months, according to Putin), to make his situation worse there are the ever more numerous dissenting voices that are being created within his circle, ever narrower due to the “suspicious” deaths.

And to the latest rumors concerning a presumed illnessno longer Parkinson’s cancer, as the secret services of half the world suspected, but of “severe chronic pain“, as they assert instead 007 Danes.

Pains that seem so excruciating as to make him desist from stand again in the next electionin 2024.

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