Top Gun 1986: how the actors of the cast are today

Top Gun 1986: how the actors of the cast are today
Top Gun 1986: how the actors of the cast are today
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Top Guns tonight on Italy 1 at 21:20. The movies with Tom Cruisedirected by Tony Scott, turns 37 this year. The sequels, Top: Gun Maverick was the biggest grossing film of 2022 (it earned $1.5 billion at the worldwide box office and is now streaming on Paramount+).

While Top Gun: Maverick is nominated for several awards, including the 2023 Golden Globe for Best Original Song, Hold My Hand of Lady Gaga, we all know that Tom Cruise is still as fit as he was almost 40 years ago. The actor, thanks to hard training and a strict diet, still manages to do most of the action scenes by himself, even the most dangerous ones.

The interpreter of Iceman instead, Val Kilmerwhich also has the most moving scene in the film Top Gun: Maverickhad throat cancer in 2015: he told how he dealt with the disease in a documentary, Valproduced by Prime Video.

And the others? How are the actors of the original cast of today Top Gunsmovie from 1986? Let’s find out.

Top Gun: how the protagonists of the 1986 film are today, the photos

Tom Cruise at 60 he’s still the king of Hollywood. Happy with the success of Top Gun: Mavericka few days ago he released, from the set of Mission Impossible 7a video in which he thanks viewers as he leaps out of an airplane.

As for the rest of the cast of Top Guns of 1986: director Tony Scott passed away on August 19, 2012. Charlie’s interpreter, Kelly McGillis, in 2009 he came out as gay: in 2010 he married, via civil union, with his girlfriend, Melanie Leis. She owns the restaurant Kelly’slocated in Key West, Florida.

Val Kilmer aka Iceman, Maverick’s rival has a scene in Top Gun: Maverick and had to deal with throat cancer. His experience is told in the documentary Val.

Anthony Edwardaka Goose, was really engaged to Meg Ryan, who in the film is the wife of Goose (and therefore the mother of Rooster, present in the sequel and played by Miles Teller). In 2012 she got her pilot’s license. On TV you have had success thanks to the character of Dr. Greene in ER – Doctors on the front line. We saw him recently in the Netflix series Inventing Anna: has the role of Alan Reed.

Tom Skerritt instead, that in Top Guns he is the commander Viper, in 2023 he will be 90 years old. He continues to act: among his latest works are the series Going Home and the movie Catch the bullet.

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Top Gun: plot of the film with Tom Cruise

There texture of Top Guns is as simple as it is effective: it is the story of Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and his friend Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. The first is pilot, the second navigator of F-14 fighter of the United States Navy.

During a patrol flight over the Indian Ocean, Maverick and Goose, and the pilots of another plane, must find out where an unidentified signal is coming from. These are Soviet MiG-28s, new fighter models unknown to the US military. Maverick and Goose confront them.

Following this feat, they are sent to Miramar, to become Top Gun: or the best airmen in the US Army. The base is led by Commander Mike “Viper” Metcalf. During an outing, Maverick meets astrophysicist Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, a scientist who collaborates in the training program.

Maverick is a pilot with great skill, but has a rebellious nature. Much of his torment comes from the disappearance of his father, also a pilot, who disappeared in Vietnam.

The other most skilled student of the course is Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, who immediately enters into a rivalry with Maverick for the title of best driver of the school. The rivalry between the two leads to a tragic accident, which shakes Maverick deeply, who decides to leave the Navy.

However, on the day of the delivery of the patents there is an emergency: Soviet MiG-28s attack a US communications ship. Maverick must then decide whether to face his fears or do nothing.

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