Gfvip7, Antonella Fiordelisi vs Edoardo: “Something broke”. The father of the gieffina speaks

Gfvip7, Antonella Fiordelisi vs Edoardo: “Something broke”. The father of the gieffina speaks
Gfvip7, Antonella Fiordelisi vs Edoardo: “Something broke”. The father of the gieffina speaks
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Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria are increasingly protagonists of the GFVIP7. The two, a few weeks after entering the Cinecittà house, rediscovered themselves attracted to each other and from that moment an on-again, off-again sparked off that captivated the public. They broke up on several occasions, then reconnected and today they are distant again.

During the hours leading up to New Year’s Eve they had another quarrel, and despite the recent clarifications between the two, something irreparable seems to have happened. During the night Antonella confided to Milena that in her opinion Edoardo is distant: “Something broke” declared the gieffina visibly tried and sad for the situation that has arisen. Edoardo is also isolated and thoughtful, apparently convinced that he has made some errors of judgement.

Meanwhile, outside the house there is no shortage of social comments between those who take sides against or in favor of this love. Antonella’s father also took a position among these, Stefano Fiordelisi, who has stopped following Donnamaria on Instagram after hearing him tell the other Vipponi that he regretted having approached a woman like Antonella, words that the man did not approve. Stefano Fiordelisi has also canceled his social account, perhaps to put an end to the many criticisms received. Despite everything Antonella is among the characters stronger than the current reality show: he won the televoting as favorite VIP, but at the same time he is among the most criticized giffins on the net.

Gfvip7, Edoardo and Antonella what happens between the two

Probably Edoardo and Antonella will again be the protagonists of the episode aired tonight. The two have earned a further space and will have to face each other in front of the whole audience. Donnamaria does not approve of certain behaviors of Fiordelisi, believes he made a mistake in approaching her and convinced that she is childish and immature.

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They are currently distant, they broke up once again and they don’t seem to be willing to get back together: will they get over the moment? Or is this time a final goodbye?

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