The US pays money in tranches, but even high spending has its limits

The US pays money in tranches, but even high spending has its limits
The US pays money in tranches, but even high spending has its limits
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But it will not be easy to fill so many qualified jobs. Chip factories usually need technicians to operate the factory machines and scholars in fields such as electrical and chemical engineering. The talent shortage is one of the toughest challenges in the industry, according to recent surveys of CEOs.

The CHIPS Act contains funding for workforce development. The Commerce Department, which oversees the disbursement of grants from CHIPS Act funds, has also made it clear that organizations hoping to receive funding must develop plans to train and educate workers.

In response to this issue, Intel plans to invest $100 million to stimulate training and research at universities, community colleges and other technical educators. Purdue University, which has built a new semiconductor lab, has set a goal of graduating 1,000 engineers each year and has lured chipmaker SkyWater Technology to build a $1.8 billion plant near its campus in the United States. Indiana.

However, the training can only go so far as chip companies compete with other industries desperate for workers.

“We’re going to have to build a semiconductor economy that people like when they have so many other options,” Mitch Daniels, who was chairman of Purdue at the time, said at an event in September.


Because training efforts can take years to pay off, industry executives want to make it easier for highly educated foreign workers to get visas to work in the United States or stay after they graduate. Washington officials know that comments encouraging more immigration could stoke political fires.

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But Gina RaimondoTrump, the secretary of commerce, was forthright in a November speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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