cause death, illness, wife and children of the musician

cause death, illness, wife and children of the musician
cause death, illness, wife and children of the musician
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Ezio Bosso causes death. Born in Turin on 13 September 1971, Ezio Bosso was a composer, pianist, double bass player and conductor.

Ezio Bosso causes death

Ezio Bosso died on May 14, 2020, at the age of 48, in his home in Bologna, due to the recurrence of the cancer he had been suffering from since 2011. The funeral took place in a strictly private form, at the behest of family members; his body was cremated and there is a plaque in the Monumental Cemetery of Turin.

Wife and children

Ezio was romantically linked to a woman named Anna Maria, who had recently acted as his assistant. They had no children.


At the age of four he was already a great music lover, thanks also to the love transmitted to him by a great aunt and brother. He made his debut as a solo pianist at 16 in France and from there he toured with orchestras throughout Europe. The turning point in his life came with the meeting with the master Ludwig Strecherwhich led him to study composition and conducting in Vienna.

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Both as a soloist and as a conductor or in chamber ensembles he has performed in the most famous international concert seasons; he was principal and artistic director of England’s only large-scale string orchestra, The London Strings. Struck in 2011 by a degenerative pathology, his creativity was not limited by it; as a composer he was requested by the most important choreographers and registers, and in 2019 he made his debut on Rai3 with the program What a story is music. Among the awards received is the Green Room Award in Australia, the first non-Australian artist to be awarded.

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