age, career, job, marriage, children

age, career, job, marriage, children
age, career, job, marriage, children
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John Scifoni is one of the best known faces of the italian tv and is about to land on the program on rai 1: “Da noi… a free wheel” and has been entertaining the Italian public for years. Who is the mysterious wife Elizabeth? Here’s everything we know about her and their family.

Who is his wife Elisabetta: age, career, job?

Elisabetta, the wife of Giovanni Scifoni lives in the shadows and we know practically nothing about her. Information about her biography is not found and she has never wanted to give interviews. We do not know where or when she was born, much less what her job is. We only got to know her a little bit through the “My Jungle” series.

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Marriage and children of Giovanni Scifoni and Elisabetta

The two secretly got married in 2005 and have been sharing married life for over 17 years and never fail to remember how strong their love is. From the marriage they were born 3 children: Cecilia, Tommaso and Marco. She doesn’t have social media, but from his Instagram profile we can see how close a family they are. In one of the last funny posts we see the father who takes his two sons to the mountains for trekking and “baptises them” at the mountain.

The TV series “My Jungle” with the family

Behind the scenes of the “Scifoni family”, yes, why Elizabeth’s surname is also secretis known to the general public thanks to TV series “My Jungle” of which Giovanni was the producer and co-star. The series tells, in fact, all the quarantine experienced by the family. In a family with three children, there is certainly no shortage of fun! In the series also emerges the great parental love, inseparable for years. They do not fail to emphasize theirs great faith in God: Sunday is their favorite day because they all go to church together. John also recounts that in some moments of crisis in the couple, some priests have helped them to remain united.

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