Firecrackers and noises, a barrage of evening and night reports from all over the city. Tips for minimizing risks

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From piazza della Vittoria to via Gramsci, from Valbisagno to Oregina: yesterday, starting at 19:30, a barrage of requests for intervention from the local police. An “effervescent” New Year’s Eve is being prepared in this respect despite the ban on firing barrels in public areas and the appeals of the regional and municipal councilors who deal with the protection of animals

The requests for intervention for the firecrackers began at 19:30 in piazza della Vittoria and continued at 20:15 in via Gramsci at 21:30 in via Giacalone, a crossroads of via Mogadiscio, at 23:25 in via Canneto il Curto. At least a dozen other calls arrived in the evening and during the night at the local police operations center due to noise and shouting in various parts of the city, including one for loud music from a club in Sottoripa and one, in the middle of the night, from via Capri 29 for a dog that disturbed the sleep of the residents of the area with loud barks.

Often, as far as barrels are concerned, the local police, while intervening, find no anomalous situations: those who throw barrels into the street usually leave immediately afterwards.

«For it to be a real festive evening, I invite all Genoese people to use common sense in using the classic New Year’s ‘barrels’ in respect of pets, especially dogs and cats which, as it is now known, can live like a trauma the explosion of firearms – this is the appeal of the municipal councilor for animals Francesca Corso -. I remind you that the Municipality of Genoa has passed an ordinance which prohibits, from 7 pm tomorrow to 7 am on 1 January, the possession and use of any type of pyrotechnic device, exploding material in a public area and open to the public: however, as well as to respect the rules, to have a particular sensitivity during these festivities so that our four-legged friends don’t experience the celebrations for the new year and the following days as a nightmare».

Even the regional councilor Simona Ferro had launched a similar appeal in recent days.


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Unfortunately, it is easy to predict that they will fall on deaf ears: there will be the usual duel of barrels and fireworks between the Lagaccio and the Angels and, in addition to the traditional “launching bases” of Valbisagno and Valpolcevera, a bit of the whole city will be affected by the noisy festivities.

Here are Altroconsumo’s tips for minimizing risks

  • make sure there are no fireworks bans in the area where you intend to fire them: some Municipalities impose restrictions on the use of pyrotechnic material [Il Comune di Genova li ha vietati su suolo pubblico, ma non su aree private n. d. r.]
  • never leave children up to the age of 14 alone with a firework;
  • light one fire at a time and avoid other fires nearby when you light it: pay particular attention to the firecrackers and barrels that you want to explode later and that you will surely tend to keep close at hand;
  • during use, keep firecrackers, barrels and fireworks away from flammable products;
  • never handle fires near open flames (lighters, matches, cigarettes);
  • keep a fire extinguisher handy to be used in case of fire;
  • pay attention to the clothes you wear: never wear fleece or synthetic fiber jackets or sweaters or even acetate garments such as tracksuits;
  • only light them outdoorsas far as possible from homes and cars;
  • never point them at windows or balconies of nearby buildings and much less in the direction of people;
  • carefully secure the fireworks to a stand before its ignition, checking that the trajectory is clear;
  • walk away immediately after ignition: never light the fuse near your face and eyes and be concerned first of having a free lateral space in which to move quickly after lighting the fuse;
  • apply particular caution if children and animals are presentwho can be frightened by the noise and light produced by the barrels;
  • the fuses or primers of fireworks are rather short and/or quite rapid in combustion: in the event of a pyrotechnic product not working, do not touch it and do not approach it because it could be triggered even after some time and cause serious personal injury;
  • likewise, If you notice an unexploded fire on the ground, don’t touch it or try to relight it: warn the police, even anonymously;
  • do not wet the fires with waterbecause some of them contain aluminum which in contact with water could cause a sudden explosion;
  • avoid carrying large quantities of pyrotechnic material in a normal car;
  • Report any sales to minors or any other activity that may currently appear to be illegal or dangerous to law enforcement: you can also do it anonymously.

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