in December the 4 exclusive previews of the album

in December the 4 exclusive previews of the album
in December the 4 exclusive previews of the album
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A few weeks after the release of the first single “Cloudburst”, out today, November 25, 2022, “CPR14”, latest excerpt from “How many”, the new album by GAZEBO PENGUINS coming on December 16th for Garrincha Discs And To lose the track. A piece that revolves around the concept of time and simulates its inexorable flow until it crashes against an impenetrable wall of sound, which physically overwhelms.

For Special Relativity, time and space are one, spacetime. And time is faster where there is less gravity. “CPR14” tells of this paradoxical idea of ​​digging a tunnel in the center of the Earth, to get closer to the point – in the world we live in – where the force of gravity is stronger than ever, and spend the days there, where time passes more slowly , to be able to gain, at the end of a life, a handful of extra moments. He says that time is a variable and not constant. If everything really stopped, time would stop too. Because time is a mental construction. Because the fate of the world is entropy, and entropy increases as things move and energy becomes heat. There would be no time where there is no movement, where there is no heat. And where heat is released, something irreversible happens, which cannot be reversed: the timeline is created.

“CPR14” try to investigate some of these truths that sound like paradoxes. Of how everything we do to leave a mark («a kiss, a jump, a C minor…») produces heat and becomes irreversible; how to detach the past from the present; of how only by freezing everything can even time be stopped… and then find yourself having to admit that you die of cold. Perhaps to tell that the time that matters is only what we manage to keep close to each other; when everything else is relative, it depends, it doesn’t belong to us – and most of the time we don’t even understand it.

The new album will be a releases without pre-orders. In fact, to be able to listen to it and buy it in advance, you will need to participate in the 4 live presentations which will take place at December to Rome, Milan, Turin And Bologna. A symbolic choice with many meanings: the Gazebo Penguins are a live band which, after some particularly difficult years for the world of live entertainment, want to restore centrality to the moment of the concert, meeting, interpersonality.

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