Portogruaro. The shadow of drugs on the death of young rapper Dioum

Portogruaro. The shadow of drugs on the death of young rapper Dioum
Portogruaro. The shadow of drugs on the death of young rapper Dioum
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PORTOGRUARO – The death of is tinged with yellow Luca Seidy Dioum, the 34-year-old rapper from Portogruaro. According to the first investigations coordinated by the Pordenone prosecutor’s office, the young man could have died after taking some substance. There could therefore be a contributing cause in the death of the young Portogruarese. Yesterday morning the coroner Antonello Cirnelli carried out the autopsy examination in the morgue in Portogruaro, as ordered by the prosecutor’s office, to ascertain the cause of death. No peculiarities emerged, but investigators would have found one substance cwhich could have caused the sudden illness and heart attack. For this Cirnelli took tissue and liquid samples from the 34-year-old’s body. Everything will now be sent to the laboratory which will carry out further tests that will allow to ascertain any substances taken by the rapper. If this hypothesis were to be confirmed, the investigative framework would change radically. In that case the carabinieri, who are investigating the death, should ascertain how the young man had obtained the substance.

Only the investigations of the laboratory will allow for further clarity and therefore to develop the research ordered by the investigators. Well known in the rap and trap world, the young man was divided between Padua and Portogruaro but also frequented Concordia Sagittaria a lot. This is where Luca Seidy Dioum’s friends started an online fundraiser in support of his mother. «On the occasion of the funeral for the commemoration of dear Luca Seidy Dioum – the friends explain – we thought of organizing a fundraiser to contribute to the funeral expenses: the offer is free. We thank anyone who wants to participate with a small gesture to support the family already tried by the loss of their loved one”. Luca Seidy Dioum, aka “Nigga Dium” was a 34-year-old of Senegalese origins who died last Friday due to cardiac arrest in themother’s house, in via Basilicata in Portogruaro. When Dioum’s mother heard him complaining at around 11.45 pm on Friday evening, she immediately ran to find out what was happening, finding her son practically unconscious. Despite the immediate call for help that arrived at 118, Luca died in his mother’s arms. The young man had returned home in the afternoon, around 4 pm, and as his mother reiterated to the investigators, Luca would not have received any visits at home.

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Not only that, because no elements useful to clarify the cause of death were found in the bedroom. Independent artist, he had collaborated among others with Achille Lauro (over 2 million contacts for the song “Quale gang”) and his name had achieved a certain notoriety in the sector. His sudden death has aroused deep pain and turmoil in the local community and in the musical environment. Many friends and supporters, especially between the areas of Portogruaro and Padovano, who have expressed their condolences for the loss, and have decided to promote a fundraiser on the online platform “Gofoundme”. On social networks, the pain of her sister Sarah who posted a big heart flanked by a beautiful photo of the two of them together. “There weren’t many, but I will never forget the laughs we had,” Sophie reported in remembering her missing friend instead.

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