Emotion and disbelief for the death of the musician Renzo De Rossi

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The musician Renzo De Rossi, who died prematurely

I’m many messages of condolence present on Facebook profile from Renzo De Rossithe musician and composer of Tezze on the Brenta he was 55 years old and passed away prematurely due to a sudden illness last Tuesday 22 November. Well known in the music scene throughout the province for his dedication and great talent, those who frequented him describe him as a generous and always available man. He loved the jazz and he also often played in clubs because his job was also his profession. He leaves behind his wife Genni and a recently eighteen-year-old daughter.

The 55-year-old suffered from heart problems and for this reason he underwent periodic checks but a sudden attack left him no way out, the body without life was found by his daughter in the bathroom at home. He had been director of the musical band of his own municipality as well as that of Romano d’Ezzelino, he was currently part of the Bassano Reeds Jazz Band. Among his experiences also that of a teacher, he taught in the Music project school from Valdagno where he was highly esteemed. The Tedaroto musician is also remembered in Sovizzo where he had spent a few years in the “Arrigo Pedrollo” band.

Yesterday, November 23, De Rossi was supposed to perform in a club in Bassano del Grappa but a terrible fate deprived him of the last hug to his beloved saxophone, leaving in despair the two women of his life, his daughter Giulia and his wife Genni. The funeral will take place tomorrow, November 25, in the church of Tezze sul Brenta at 3 pm.

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