Death of Valentina Rubino, abbreviated for the boyfriend who was driving drunk

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Tribunal – Crash on the Cimina – A 25-year-old accused of aggravated road homicide has been under house arrest for eight months

by Silvana Cortignani

Valentina Rubino

Viterbo – Fatal crash on the Cimina, flash trial for Valentina Rubino’s boyfriend, under house arrest for eight months for road homicide aggravated by drunk driving.

He will be judged on November 30 during a closed-door hearing by the investigating judge Savina Poli with the abbreviated, rite which provides for the discount of a third of the sentence, requested by the defense after the acceptance of the request for immediate judgment by the prosecutor from part of the court. The family members of the victim and of the friend who was seriously injured in the accident are parties to civil action.

A 25-year-old of Egyptian origin was accused, drunk at the time of the accident, who at first denied that he was driving, only to turn himself in about ten days later, presenting himself to the public prosecutor’s office accompanied by a lawyer, the lawyer Marco Valerio Mazzatosta .

Prosecutor Michele Adragna

At first, the 25-year-old denied that he was driving around two o’clock in the night of Shrove Tuesday, between the first and last March 2, when the Alfa Romeo car registered to Valentina’s father – in which four friends, two boys and a two girls – skidded at kilometer 11 near the crossroads for San Martino.

“I was behind the wheel,” he confessed a few days later, voluntarily surrendering himself to the authorities. “I was the one driving, I am destroyed by pain and remorse”, he allegedly reiterated, answering all the magistrate’s questions during the guarantee interrogation on 25 March.

The young man would have been behind the wheel and Valentina sitting next to him in the passenger seat. The other couple would have been seated in the back instead.

The public prosecutor of Viterbo immediately opened a file on the accident, initially against unknown persons, owned by the public prosecutor Michele Adragna, before whom the arrested confessed that he was driving the vehicle.


Marco Valerio Mazzatosta

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Defender Marco Valerio Mazzatosta

The worst were the two women. The conditions of the 24-year-old immediately appeared very serious and the desperate attempt to save her life by the medical personnel of the Belcolle hospital was useless. She was declared dead on Saturday 5 March, after four days of hospitalization and a solidarity contest that saw the entire province mobilized to find bags of 0 Rh negative blood, leaving behind her father and brother Vincenzo.

The other girl who was aboard the vehicle was also in serious condition, immediately hospitalized in intensive care, even if her life was not in danger. The driver is also under investigation for the crime of road injuries.

Silvana Cortignani

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Presumption of innocence

In the Italian penal system, the presumption of innocence applies until the final sentence. Presumption of innocence which is based on article 27 of the Italian constitution according to which a person “is not considered guilty until final conviction”.

November 25, 2022

The article is in Italian

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