They throw. Death Anna Maria D’eliseo. The carabinieri of the Ris enter the scene

They throw. Death Anna Maria D’eliseo. The carabinieri of the Ris enter the scene
They throw. Death Anna Maria D’eliseo. The carabinieri of the Ris enter the scene
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Ris hunting for DNA to unravel the mysterious death of the school assistant Annamaria D’Eliseo, 60 years old, from Lanciano 8CH), found lifeless in the cellar – garage, outside the family villa, last July 15th.

Prosecutors Serena Rossi and Francesco Carusi speed up the investigation and look for new external evidence. Thus arranged the examinations on all the finds found inside the garage where the unfortunate janitor would have hanged herself, as reported by her husband Aldo Rodolfo Di Nunzio, 70, a former firefighter, accused of voluntary homicide. Unrepeatable technical investigations that will be held on 6 December at the Ris headquarters in Rome, in the “Salvo D’Acquisto” barracks in viale di Tor di Quinto. So far very complex investigations, even in the context of autopsy findings, and therefore the Carabinieri Scientific Investigations Department also takes the field.

Examinations to be carried out on all the innumerable objects found during the first technical inspection carried out in the cellar, where Annamaria died, on 12 August in the presence of the experts of the prosecutor’s office, of the parties and of the defense lawyers. In particular, attention focused on the electric wire with which she would have hanged herself and on the scissor ladder, allegedly used by the woman to take her life.

In short, a true mystery that should slowly be clarified, by comparing the various investigative schemes elaborated so far. At the end of September, the Frentana prosecutor had also ordered the seizure of a piece of electric wire found in the woman’s hair during the autopsy, carried out at the Fermo hospital by the coroner Cristian D’Ovidio. Furthermore, in recent weeks a sample was taken for the examination of the suspect’s DNA, defended by the lawyers Fiorenzo Cieri and Claudio Nardone.

Waiting, in the meantime, for toxicological insights.

In the second inspection of the garage, at the end of August, not even the support point where the woman could have inserted the electric wire to take her own life was found with certainty. All the fault of an intact cobweb that covered the suspected broken pot indicated as a suitable place to house it.

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In Rome, for the DNA tests, the consultants D’Ovidio, Riccardo Di Tanna, for her husband, and Ildo Polidoro for the victim’s five children, sponsored by the lawyer Elisabetta Merlino, will also be present. Nov 24th 2022



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