“Ethics from those who have spent in Lotta Continua?”

“Ethics from those who have spent in Lotta Continua?”
“Ethics from those who have spent in Lotta Continua?”
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Political storm over Luca Bartolini, provincial coordinator of Fratelli d’Italia, who political rumors indicate as a possible future sole director of “Forlifarma”, the 100% public company that owns the 9 municipal pharmacies of Forlì and Forlimpopoli. On November 29, the general meeting of “Livia Tellus”, the holding company of the Municipality’s shareholdings in public companies, will be held and on that occasion the sole director of the pharmacy company will be appointed.

On the name of the candidate, however, comes what the municipal councilor of ‘Forlì and co’ Giorgio Calderoni qualifies as a ‘caveat’, that is to say a ‘warning’. He spoke about it during the Thursday afternoon city council commission, convened for the guidelines of Livia Tellus, the company that formally holds the shares of “Forlifarma”. The first attack is political: “It hardly happened even in the first republic that a political secretary of a party went to the top of a municipal company”. The reference is to Luca Bartolini, provincial coordinator of the Brothers of Italy, as well as a former regional councilor.

The accusation: “Bartolini without moral requirements”

But for Calderoni, in addition to the political aspect, there is also a judicial aspect. Bartolini, in fact, was investigated and tried for about 10 years in the investigation of the so-called “Crazy expenses” of the council groups in the Region, when he himself was a regional councilor. The affair ended definitively before the Court of Cassation last July, when the third level of judgment first redeveloped the crime charged against Bartolini (from embezzlement to aggravated fraud) and finally closed the case without any referral to the Appeal because the reclassified offense was declared time-barred. Already in the previous level of judgment, the Appeal, however, the expenses reimbursed by the Region and subject to the attention of the judiciary had been reduced to approximately 2,200 euros.

“It is not an acquittal, as the coordinator of Fratelli d’Italia himself wrote on Facebook, but a requalification and then prescription of ‘facts established as fraud’, as the sentence says. In his statements, the coordinator of Fratelli d’Italia limited himself to saying that the Cassation had annulled the crime of embezzlement without referral, but overlooked this detail: there is the non-existence of the crime of embezzlement and it is true, but the Cassation considered the crime of aggravated fraud to have been established”, attacks Calderoni (at the same time as the redevelopment, the crime was declared time-barred). For Calderoni it was a “serious incorrectness from an ethical and political point of view”, not reporting this aspect as well. For this reason, concludes Calderoni, Bartolini’s moral requirement for leading a public company would be lacking. “Perhaps he is a candidate who does not deserve the role”, Calderoni finally disputes.

The reply: “Already tried for 10 years”

Luca Bartolini’s reply arrives shortly, attaching the criminal record with the absence of pending charges: “Counselor Calderoni perhaps thinks he is still at the Court of Bologna, the same one who took away 10 years of my political life for a blatant media political trial finally resolved but only by the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome. Having read the entire provision, he cannot fail to acknowledge how the judicial proceeding ended with an acquittal sentence for the infamous crime of embezzlement against the public administration. And by the way, whether they like it or not, my criminal record is pristine and I don’t have any pending charges. I am attaching it hereto to remove any doubt from anyone”.

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And again: “The sentence declared, without referral, the non-existence of the crime of embezzlement which is the most infamous crime that can exist in the public administration. Point. I do not accept that my honesty is called into question for a procedural methodology that he, more than others, should know well. If then his concern is whether or not I do politics, I reassure him ”.
“Not only have I never ceased to be certain of my innocence, but the penal code itself provides for instruments (see the Severino law) which preclude political activity to those who have committed certain crimes of criminal relevance and which also in this case, like it or not, the Cassation ruling has ascertained that it is not so much so that after 10 years of political/media process today I can continue to serve my community serenely even by holding positions that otherwise would be precluded from me by the Severino law”, says Bartolini.

And finally: “Does Calderoni make it a moral ethical question? In my opinion it is ethically more worrying to have a history of militancy in Lotta Continua with respect to an obviously political process like the one in which he saw me involved together with other colleagues, but none of us has ever held it against him. It’s just a matter of different style that we, unlike him, have”.

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