Black Friday 2022: bomb price decoder on Amazon

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Have you waited for Black Friday to buy a decoder capable of solving problems with your TV once and for all? Well, it’s time to take action: today you are spoiled for choice to find a decoder capable of making you instantly receive all the new digital terrestrial television channels. Forget the antenna installer’s number, no longer keep up with the thousand daily tunings, you have the definitive solution within reach of a few euros.

Thomson THT709 decoder

The first of the decoders on offer for Black Friday that we propose is the Thomson model THT709. For simplicity of use and quality of materials, it is the ideal decoder: connect it to the TV with an HDMI or SCART cable and in a few seconds you receive the new digital terrestrial signal perfectly. Only for today on offer at € 29.00 (-17% discount).

Leelbox DVB-T2 decoder

Another must-have decoder on Amazon’s Black Friday is the model DVB-T2 Leelbox. In addition to the support of the new digital terrestrial, the Leelbox decoder offers high definition viewing up to 1080p: as soon as you turn on the TV, you will seem to have changed that too. Today’s offer is one to be taken on the fly: instead of €32.99, pay only €19.99.

Dcolor Mini Stick decoder

If you are looking for a space-saving decoder, the decoder Dcolor Mini Stick that’s exactly what you need. You install it behind the TV like a normal flash drive, and in an instant you too enter the new digital terrestrial era. Just for today on offer for €23.99at a 20% discount (a universal remote control is also included in the package).

dcolor decoder

Nokia DVB-T2 decoder

We also point out the excellent Nokia DVB-T2 decoder, 42% off. The design of the decoder remains very elegant, as per Nokia tradition, not to mention the top performance for this price range. Thanks to the Amazon Black Friday offer, instead of €39.90 you pay only €23.00.


nokia dvb-t2 decoder

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Edition Picco T265+

We conclude the list of the best decoders to buy on Black Friday with theEdition Picco T265+, the best-selling decoder on Amazon these days. It is a complete device of everything, from the support to the new digital terrestrial to that of the wireless connection, and it costs very little: in these hours it is sold for € 20.90 with 30% discount.

peak edision decoder

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