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ISLAND OF GRAN SASSO D’ITALIA – In Isola del Gran Sasso (Teramo), along the avenue leading to the Sanctuary of San Gabriele, there is a laboratory that combines two excellences from Abruzzo, the ceramics of Castelli and the oil of the triangle of gold of Pescara (Pianella-Moscufo-Loreto). Evandra DeRosa she is the daughter of art, she is a ceramist, a painter, she obtained a master of art diploma at the State Art Institute of Isernia and then followed the tradition of her family, in particular of the late artist father Enzo DeRosa, and has been working for twenty years on the artistic ceramics of Castelli, famous all over the world. The laboratory where he works is also a sales point, opened in June, which he manages together with Octavian Dominicof the Villa Enzo oil mill, known in the area for being “the oil mill closest to the Saint”, as well as for its precious oil.

“I paint on sight in my workshop, I really like that the client sees, that he realizes the craftsmanship. In fact, our project primarily focuses on craftsmanship and excellence”, says Evandra a Daily virtues.

The centerpiece of the laboratory is an interesting and innovative table line entirely dedicated to and designed for oil: bottles, cruets, dispensers, all created in the wake of the castle tradition, but with the introduction of young and new elements: “I like stand out for the novelty I wanted to give to the decorations, which see fewer frills and are less rigid than the tradition, which I clearly love and respect. The charm of the old is timeless, but I wanted to renew it precisely to bring ceramics closer to young couples or teenagers in general, and also clearly to open up to a wider and more dynamic market”.

For this Christmas there are two lines that Evandra and Ottaviano have created: the first, “L’oro di Eva”, sees the union of naturally hand-painted ceramic bottles, with wooden leaf wrapping, numbered and in a very limited edition , with oil from Moscufo and Petrella inside, from the Villa Enzo mill, with a strong flavor and aroma, Dritta monocultivar. A line that can be reproduced no earlier than next year, “partly to link it to Christmas”, explains Evandra, “partly because it is automatically linked to the production of new oil, year after year. A very niche product, therefore, in which my colleague and I truly believe: we do everything by hand, from bottling to labeling, we follow all the phases. A bottle of good oil in all respects, therefore, but in hand-painted Castelli ceramic, 100% artisanal, made in Italy and even more so made in Abruzzo”.

The second line is instead designed for typical Abruzzo liqueurs: the bottles, in pure castle style, will be made in two sizes, the classic one and the mignon one, from 0.20, both original and of great value.

“The customer will fill the larger bottles with home-made liqueurs, as the Abruzzo tradition dictates, starting from the nocino linked to the night of San Giovanni up to ratafia, licorice and gentian, while the small ones will contain amaro Gran Sasso, always to remain connected to our territory. The mignon bottles are also perfect for flavored oil, and in fact we produce and bottle the oil from the mill, also flavored with lemon and chilli pepper”.

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Two excellences of Abruzzo, therefore, ceramics and oil, which combine art and quality in a mix that is not at all obvious. Quality that can also be traced in the materials: from the enamels to the colors to the certifications of the ceramics for food, up to the stainless steel. At the foot of the Gran Sasso, creativity gives life to Wonders of Abruzzo, this is the name of the laboratory.


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