Suddenly Christmas, plot and cast of the film with Abatantuono

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Also this year for Christmas comes a new film with Diego Abatantuono. The comedian and actor will star in a Christmas comedy, Suddenly Christmasout December 1 on Amazon Prime Video.

In 2022 Diego Abatantuono he also published his own new book It could all go to mine funeralwritten with Giorgio Terruzzi, with several interviews and a somewhat different idea from previous editorial releases.

Just to talk about his latest works, Diego Abatantuono is a guest of Deejay Call Italythe program of Radio DEEJAY conducted by Linus And Nicholas Savino broadcast every weekday morning from 10 to 12.

Click the video below to watch the first part of Diego Abatantuono’s interview with Radio DEEJAY, complete with Nicola Savino imitation and gag with Linus.

Diego Abatantuono, the new film: “I have to do roles related to my age…”

Suddenly Christmas, the new film by Diego Abatantuono: the plot

The new film by Diego Abatantuono it’s a Christmas movie Suddenly Christmas. It is, as it is easy to imagine, a comedy, available on Amazon Prime Video starting from December 1st.

There texture of Suddenly Christmas is built around Chiara, an eight-year-old girl who is impatiently waiting for Christmas to see her grandfather Lorenzo, played by Diego Abatantuono.

This time, however, the family goes to grandfather Lorenzo, who has a hotel in the high mountains, in the week of August, also to ask for help in communicating the news of the parents’ divorce to the little girl. Grandfather Lorenzo, already in difficulty for other reasons, accepts the thankless task, not before having organized the last happy Christmas for his granddaughter, in the middle of August:

Suddenly Christmas means Christmas when you want it. Decorations, you create the situation… you put together a series of tricks for this Christmas. – Diego Abatantuono to Deejay Call Italy

Below the trailer of Suddenly Christmasthe movie with Diego Abatantuono.


Suddenly Christmas, the cast

I’ve played Santa Claus before, but now I’m a grandfather. I have to do roles related to my age. But I’m not old. There are those who care so much about staying young. I really want to stay young with my head, but with my body I want to be healthy. I don’t like the anxiety of being young, sometimes it’s sad. – Diego Abatantuono to Deejay Call Italy.

The cast of Suddenly Christmas counts some well-known names in Italian comedy. In addition to precisely Diego Abatantuono, the protagonists are Violante Placido and Lodo Guenzi. Also present were Anna Galiena, Antonio Catania, the competitor of lol 2 Magician Forest and the future member of the Lol 3 cast Nino Frassica.


Suddenly Christmas it will also mark the return to the cinema of Gloria Guida, forty years after her last film, and will be able to count for the young protagonist on Sara Ciocca, who has already starred in the Rai series White and in I am the abyss. The director of Suddenly Christmas instead it is Francesco Patierno.

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She is a kind of Anna Magnani. She is phenomenal, very good, very attentive, she likes this job. She is full of desire to do. She is a child prodigy, she is one of those realities to keep under control. – Diego Abatantuono on Sara Ciocca.


Diego Abatantuono, the new book: “It’s not to tell anecdotes”

It has also recently been released new book by Diego Abatantuono You could all go to my funeral, written with Giorgio Terruzzi. The comedian and actor explains the plot of his new work:

This book is not to tell anecdotes, but it is a somewhat Fellini-like journey. I wake up in a stupor and hear my mom put Vix on my chest and then a blue washcloth, which we had around the house. I hear all the friends’ voices outside, so at a certain point I get up, go out and there are all the friends I’ve always worked with. And their voices mix. I see that there is something strange, because it seems to me that some are no longer there. So I listen to what they say about me.

In fact the new book by Diego Abatantuono contains a series of interviews carried out by Giorgio Terruzzi himself:

I had Terruzzi do the interviews, so what they say is real dialogue between them. There are so many things in the book, very funny. Of course, there are other anecdotes as well.

Click the video below to see Diego Abatantuono talk about his new book to Deejay Chiama Italia.


DIego Abatantuono: “My mum said I was a moron”

During his interview with Radio DEEJAY, Diego Abatantuono he also does not spare some new anecdotes about his career and private life. Talking about his early days at the Derby and his film debut, where he soon worked with Monica Vittiremember:

I was once at the Derby, I worked there, and I felt that cinema could be interesting. Some exponents of the cinema came to see me in Milan, for example Renzo Arbore did. He asked my mum: «But who is that there, who is the best?», And she: «Who, Teo?» (Teocoli, ed.). «But no, the one a little younger, bravo…». «But who, my son? But he’s a moron, look at Arbore, go away, forget him. That’s a moron over there. But isn’t he ashamed?” She was ashamed because me acting for her was too emotional, so she tried not to let me do this job with this trick.

Luckily Renzo Arbore did not listen to the advice. And the career of Diego Abatantuonodecades later, continues film after film.


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