“We reformists are moving forward, it is a certain left that has stopped”, says Ada Lucia De Cesaris

“We reformists are moving forward, it is a certain left that has stopped”, says Ada Lucia De Cesaris
“We reformists are moving forward, it is a certain left that has stopped”, says Ada Lucia De Cesaris
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Since the orange revolution of Pisapia (with Majorino in addition), the former deputy mayor and city planning councilor of Milan now supports the candidacy of Letizia Moratti. Interview

There are those who call her Ada and those who call her Lucia. “Sometimes I feel like we’re two different people,” he jokes. Even because Ada Lucia De Cesaris it is certainly one person. He speaks clearly to the limit of “bad temper”, and if he decides to turn he goes around the bend at full speed without looking back because he only looks at the reasons for the coherence of his decisions. Like when he takes and gives up the Pisapia junta, of which he was deputy mayor and councilor for urban planning, and protagonist of the “orange revolution”. Like when he takes and leaves the Democratic Party to go to Italia Viva and now in the Third Pole, with final support for Letizia Moratti. Now, due to the strange courses and appeals, he finds himself supporting the woman against whom he made the revolution with Pisapia, and against him instead his former comrade on the junta, Pierfrancesco Majorino. “His is a legitimate candidacy – he tells Il Foglio – and also in line with the new path of the Democratic Party. After that, we had different positions then which are confirmed to be different today, but good luck.”

It starts fair, but read further down: the criticisms will come. “Unbridgeable gap between the Democratic Party and the Third Pole? I never believe in forever closures. I hope that there is still a way to speak for the interests of the Lombards in the context of a new project. Majorino did an initial interview in which he asked Moratti to take a step back, and this definitely seems to me an excess of hubris. In my heart I would like the Democratic Party to understand that the project is another. But I don’t allow myself to interfere in the choices of another party, please”.

Still fair. Let’s provoke: Calenda and Renzi wanted to put the Democratic Party in difficulty. “I don’t see politics as something ‘against’. It doesn’t seem to me that Renzi or Calenda ever had destructive goals. There is an alternative proposal, moreover consistent with a piece of the history of the Democratic Party. Sure, then there’s a congress and they’ll choose. But in the meantime, a new clear political proposal was born in the Third Pole on issues concerning work, business, health, competence, merit and rights. How can you tell it’s a destructive project? Viceversa is a project that aims to unite and bring together people who share these themes”. So why didn’t you participate in coalition primaries? Thus was born the Orange Revolution. “We are in a different era compared to 2011. The political context has profoundly changed and we have to deal with it. And then to make coalition primaries you need to be able to talk to each other. The Third Pole has tried, but there is always this slightly angry reaction which in fact says ‘either with us or against us and if you are against us, you are right’”.

Take off the gloves. “Right now, in my opinion, we need to choose who is best able to hold together. Moratti’s proposal was certainly born as a proposal that he wants to keep together, that wants to speak to a reformist and liberal and democratic world that needs representation and that in Lombardy has shown that it is the majority, even if too often a silent majority . Majorino doesn’t hold anything together at all”. But don’t you feel uncomfortable? She had made the orange revolution against Letizia… “I don’t feel uncomfortable. In 2015, shortly before the end of the council, I made an important choice: I resigned as deputy mayor and it was not painless. In 2015 I thought we were betraying our political project and what happened next in the Democratic Party proved it. So no, I don’t feel uncomfortable. I claim what that season stands for. However, I recognize Letizia Moratti’s ability today to question herself and to understand that she most likely made different political choices in the past and that today instead it is necessary to confront each other. The most interesting thing about this phase is his ability to dialogue and try to link experiences and feelings but also different proposals. I haven’t seen this in the Democratic Party for many years and even less in this last phase ”.

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Will Moratti get one more vote than Majorino? “I don’t like accounting challenges. Surely you work to win. Majorino represents a radical political choice, and I say this with great intellectual honesty”. Then the broadside: “I think that in the period in which he administered in the same council in which I sat, he did not do much, so much so that Milan pays today and paid for its mistakes yesterday, during the pandemic”. The Democratic Party says that Moratti has opted for the Third Pole because she hasn’t been nominated for the centre-right. “I don’t believe it. You proposed your project to the center-right, which was already an enlarged project then. Knowing that they would have said no, because today we have a fundamentalist and populist right-centre and an equally fundamentalist and populist left. Today Lombardy has topics that are too important not to understand that it is necessary to work for the interest of the territory”. Meanwhile Beppe Sala maintains that Majorino should have a dialogue with Moratti. “Room is very reasonable. One cannot think of not communicating with this project. We do not make these elections for ourselves. Here we need to reform health care, guarantee accessibility to housing, reform of work and rebuild the relationship between workers and businesses, we need to relaunch training. We have the issue of the territory to be protected… We need to talk about this, everything else is ideological”.

We close on Maran: “I respect him. I have a relationship of friendship and affection with him. I believe that Pierfrancesco Maran needs to understand that his political project evidently has no place in the Democratic Party. However, I respect, even if I don’t understand, the fact that he wants to fight in a party that has told him so many times that there is no place for him and for his ideas”.

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