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The participation of national and European institutions is important


Reflection on human capital for the future of the country at the center of the debate

From the constructive comparison stimulated by Talent Garden between the players involved in the training and work chain, the key points emerged for rethinking the growth strategies of people and, therefore, of companies and economies:


The contributions of the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the Vice-President of the European Parliament Pina Picierno and the European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

On the crucial issue also the discussion of politics in the panel “The Future of education”: Conte, Marattin, Centemero, Ascani, Cattaneo

The second edition of the event announced for 12-13 October 2023

Milan/Rome, 23 November 2022. Today the works of the first edition of EduTech Challenges – the challenges of trainingthe important event promoted within the Conference on the Future of Europe from Talent Garden – the largest player in Europe in Digital Education by size and geographical footprint – to reflect on human capital and help identify approaches and priorities necessary to rethink professional training to stay connected to the future, as individuals, companies and countries.

The two days – enlivened by universities, companies and international startups – thus put an intense program at the center the crucial challenge of digital training as an essential asset for the work of young people and the evolution of the culture and organization of companies of all sizes and sectors.

From the roundtables organized during the event with the involvement of academics, businesses, economists and business organization experts, the guidelines underlying the White Paper Edutech Challenges which Talent Garden has synthesized with the support of the knowledge partner McKinsey, and which it will present to the European Commission.

They are needed in businesses NEW LEADERSHIP with the priority of being able to make the existing organization increasingly flexible to welcome the entry of new talent and grow together, simultaneously making itself an example of continuous training that stimulates a widespread desire for updating.

There SHORTAGE OF TALENT it must also be faced with the awareness that the birth of new professions must impose a change of approach in the selection with respect to educational qualifications, which must not become barriers or binding with respect to specific roles.

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To identify the SKILLS OF THE FUTURE and to fill the gap it is no longer enough to make periodic, or worse, one-off assessments, but it is necessary to create a constant mapping of the skills of individuals and teams also by adopting digital solutions. At the same time, the necessary growth of technical figures causes companies to record a reduction and lack of creativity which must be compensated and recovered by introducing humanistic figures and training for mutual contamination.

Last, but not least, about NEW WAYS OF LEARNING from the working tables emerges the need to promote intergenerational collaboration within companies and contamination between different industries externally, also creating ever greater links between companies and the academic world. Finally, for a widespread evolution of economies, it is necessary to invest public funds to bring these cultural and training approaches also to SMEs, an engine of growth not only for Italy but for the whole of Europe.

The important interventions of the Italian and European institutions testify to the urgent need to rethink the training offer by focusing on the essential digital skills to govern the digital transformation and respond to the needs of a constantly evolving labor market.

The Prime Minister Giorgia Meloniwith a message that opened the day, underlines the importance of the reflection event on human capital and places the accent on the crucial role of the new generations and on the Government’s commitment to the digital transition: “Talent Garden’s commitment to free the energies of the young generations in digital entrepreneurship represents an added value for the development of the nation. Innovation and digital are strategic sectors for the future and it is no coincidence that they have also found a central role in the Conference on the future of Europe, an appointment created to involve all European citizens and which saw above all the participation of young people in the development of ideas and proposals (…). Progress has been made in recent years but there is still a lot to do and a fruitful collaboration between the State and private individuals operating in the innovation sector is needed. In this field there are companies in Italy that represent real excellence and in many cases they were founded by young people of whom we must be proud. And it is the task of the state and the institutions to support them”.

Pina Picierno, Vice-President for the European Parliament, he has declared: “Thank you very much to Talent Garden for having contributed to the Conference on the Future of Europe and also to the dissemination of its conclusions. more precisely, of its results, because that was exactly how the then President of the European Parliament David Sassoli imagined it: a work, a discussion, the participation of citizens, men and women, and society that does not end in a given date, but which continues , just as the process of European integration is continuous, its ability to adapt in the institutional form and in the policies to the needs of its citizens, of its businesses, of the contemporary world and also of the future”.

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, he has declared: “I would like to thank Talent Garden for organizing this event, in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and for inviting me to be with you (…). We are all too aware of the worsening talent shortage in Europe. The lack of qualified people with digital skills has been cited by 70% of our businesses as the main obstacle to expansion. This number is expected to increase as the wave of technological innovation intensifies (…). We need to make sure that our response to these education and innovation needs is inclusive of all our regions. Objectives best expressed in the New European Innovation Agenda, (…) with which we aim to strengthen the role of education in innovation ecosystems and deliver high-quality educational programs”.

On the future of training, and of the diffusion of skills in schools and in support of those who are outside the labor market, also the comparison of the policy in the panel “The Future of education” with the Members of the Chamber of Deputies: Anna Ascani, Luigi Marattin, Giulio Centemero, Giuseppe Conte And Alexander Cattaneo.

THE co-founders of Talent Garden, Davide Dattoli and Lorenzo Materninicommenting on the works, they recall: “Nearly 20 million people will need to upgrade their job skills in the coming years. Young people who will be able to orient themselves to an increasingly dynamic job market, training on digital skills, and less young people who will have to update themselves for a rapidly changing job market. Edutech Challenges is not just an event but the challenge that, as Talent Garden, we have embraced to respond to a need that today is large and small businesses, governments and individuals such as people and professionals. A mission that we will continue to carry out as a place for reflection on human capital in an inclusive path of actors that will lead us to the second edition of Edutech Challenges scheduled for 12 and 13 October 2023″.

Many important partners have contributed to supporting the realization of the event such as: McKinsey (Event knowledge partner), EIT Digital, Enel, Engineering, Federcasse, Intesa Sanpaolo, Lazio Region, Lazio Innova, Multiversity Group, Randstad, Roche and Lavazza as technical partner and with the collaboration of La Repubblica as Media Partner and Rai as Streaming Partner.


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