Municipality of Chieti | News > The number of women employed by the anti-violence network has doubled.

Municipality of Chieti | News > The number of women employed by the anti-violence network has doubled.
Municipality of Chieti | News > The number of women employed by the anti-violence network has doubled.
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Chieti, 24 November 2022 – Important point on the data concerning women taken care of by the Alpha Anti-Violence Center network in the city of Chieti and also on the language that accompanies the narration of gender-based violence: two appointments that today were at home in the historic Salone of the Prefecture as the second stage of the series of events of “Violence is not love”, an initiative commissioned by the City Council and Presidency of the City Council, born in synergy with the Alpha Anti-Violence Center, engine of the municipal network and created with the patronage of the Prefecture of Chieti and with the precious collaboration of the associations towns that are the heart and soul of appointments. First the Network conference, with the formalization of the new data on the activity carried out by the center in the city area. Then the public meeting, “The words that hurt” which was attended by the mayor, the councilor for social policies and the prefect Armando Forgione, the commissioner Francesco De Cicco and representatives of the police, two speakers important Paola Spadaricouncilor secretary of the National Order of Journalists, “The media and the story of violence”; Ernesta Bonettilawyer of Alpha Antiviolence Center, “Sterotypes and prejudices in the language of justice”, moderated by the expert in gender issues of the Collective Fuchsia, Benedetta La Penna.

Tomorrow the program will go on with the following schedule:

15.00 Piazza Vico: presentation of the red bench (to be confirmed), by the CGIL and SPI-CGIL Chieti

3 pm.30 Sala Cascella Chamber of Commerce: “No to violence against women” event, greetings from Alessia Antenucci, SPI Chieti General Secretary, Anna Piccone, SPI Chieti Women coordinator, screening of the film “Anne’s choice (L’evenement)” directed by Audrey Diwan.

17.30-19.30 Registry office of the municipal office in Corso Marrucino: Free self defense course Women safe,Say NO to violence against womenedited by the IPTS association

21.00 Barbella Art Gallery: traveling theater show “Dry laundry hang outside”, organized by the Donn’è Association.

The data in brief. From November 2021 to today, 252 women have contacted the center even by telephone for information and psychological and legal advice, of which 150 for information and 43 for legal advice. Those taken care of are in all 102: they are mostly women between the ages of 30 and 39 (36%), those between 40-49 are 26%, between 20 and 29 years 18 and then, go down, between 50-59 14%, between 60 and 69 4 and 2% between 70 and 79. 84 per cent of the women taken in charge are of Italian nationality, the percentages of foreign ones are small, including women from Ukraine, Morocco, Cuba, Romania, Tunisia, Bangladesh and Venezuela. Perpetrators of violence for 43% the husbands, for 18% the partner, for 16% the ex-husband, for 9% the ex-boyfriend and, ascending, the boyfriend, an acquaintance, a family member, the ex company. The perpetrator of the reference violence is of Italian nationality for 86% of the cases. Our Center encounters the reality of these women mostly in the face of a complaint, as has happened from 2015 to today, since the anti-violence network was born: more than 70 percent of women have reported, over 30 those who had the abusers removed, under 10 those hosted in shelters. Many types of violence suffered: mainly psychological, 36%; then the physical one, 24%; then the economic one, 16%; followed by 14% sexual violence and 10% stalking.

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“The number of women taken care of by the Anti-violence Center has increased, but it is not a negative fact – explains the head of the municipal Anti-violence Center
Marialaura DiLoreto – There has been an increase, because women are beginning to trust the existence of this Center and are asking us to be protected. This increase is also the long wave of Covid, which has seen cases explode clearly. The other fact is that unfortunately the demands on the younger age group have increased, there were many women between 19 and twenty years of age, this means that blanket awareness must be made in schools to prevent cases and train women. Another positive fact is that we have included several women in work empowerment which allows us to make them work in the companies that are part of the network and start over. These women must be acknowledged for the great courage they have in entrusting themselves to the anti-violence center, those who ask for help always have a lot of courage, a strength that allows us to help them get back to living and working, or start doing it for those who didn’t have a life behind the professional”.

“When we talk about violence against women and feminicide we are unfortunately not talking about a state of exception or emergency, but about the extreme consequence of the culture that feeds and justifies it – said the mayor Diego Ferrara– It is a structural phenomenon and as such it must also be addressed at an institutional level. We must do this by breaking down stereotypes because subjection and obedience, resignation, are what men in patriarchal society expect from women. By defusing the bomb being manufactured of misogyny and sexism already at school age, it will not be detonated. The Municipality collaborates with the Network and social policies and services aimed at this and concerted with the world that operates in this field. We do so with the hope of reaching what the poet Susanna Chavez hoped for in a statement that became famous all over the world and which unfortunately did not save her life: not one less woman, not one more dead woman. We must and all want to aim for this by working within the institutions and within families”.

“The Administration is using all the tools available to enhance interventions and presence – so the councilor for Social Policies Mara Maretti – first of all the Social Plan, but above all the services for families, because the connection with nursery schools, playrooms and schools are bridges that allow our operators to act in contact with families, something for which they are trained, in order to be able to prevent the phenomena and recognize them. We have a subsidiary attitude with respect to the realities that operate in this sector: cooperatives, associations, which act every day by taking charge of situations of fragility. I thank all those who are working hard because today the administrations are absolutely and rightly obliged to create networks in the area with the activities of the third sector and it is a pleasure to do so because this action helps us in managing critical issues in the area and in prevention. For us, these forces are an operational arm, a concrete support, a truly vital sap”.

“Words are stones – he concludes Paola Spadari, secretary of the National Order of Journalists – Journalists must play their part in the story of violence against women, using correct terms and not falling into stereotype clichés and using a continent language, not adding details that are aimed only at arousing instincts in the reader who do not row in improving the culture with respect to this still very significant phenomenon of violence against women. As a national order of Journalists, on the day against gender-based violence we called our colleagues to respect the rules for correct information and an adequate language to protect the victims. An assassination is an assassination and one does not kill for love and as such it must also be described by the media”.

The article is in Italian

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