This Samsung class A ++ dryer costs almost half today

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The dryer is an appliance that is becoming more and more widespread in Italian homes, especially in those that do not have adequate internal space in which to hang out their clothes to dry. If it has become one of your objects of desire, we point out this excellent Black Friday offer on the model of Samsung DV90TA040AH which, thanks to a considerable discount, drops to €549 in these hours.

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This model of dryer belongs to the previous one energy class A++, which corresponds to class B, and is one of the highest in terms of energy efficiency, a very important detail given the high energy prices of recent months. Among the prominent features, the Quick Dry 35′ system, a quick drying programme which allows you to start a small 1 kg load to have dry and ready-to-wear garments in just 35 minutes.

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Among the cutting-edge technologies of this Samsung dryer, Optimal Dry certainly stands out, which uses 3 sensors that monitor humidity and adjust the drying time to get the best results while consuming less and obtaining dry and crease-free garments, avoiding annoying wrinkles in the fabrics.

That said, we just have to send you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the promo, so that you can purchase before the offer ends or, worse, that the discounted product is sold out. We also point out that the same dryer at the same price is also available on Monclick on this page. Before doing this, however, we think it is worth reminding you that, in order to save a little more, it is useful to activate a subscription to the Amazon Prime service these days, thanks to which you can take advantage of fast shipments and especially, free! Not to mention that the first 30 days of service are free!

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