The VR helmet that kills the player who dies in the video game in real life

The VR helmet that kills the player who dies in the video game in real life
The VR helmet that kills the player who dies in the video game in real life
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Exists a VR helmetof those used for video games, capable of really kill the player if he dies in the game: was made by Palmer Luckey, founder of the Oculus startup -which was supposed to lay the foundations of the Facebook Metaverse- but also of Anduril, another million-dollar startup that designs state-of-the-art military systems.

Luckey claims to have cplugged the VR killer helmet to pay homage to the Sword Art Online anime, in which the protagonist players wear a NerveGear case to enter a new game, Sword Art Online, and discover that they have been trapped by a mad scientist in a virtual world consisting of more than 100 levels, full of deadly pitfalls, with a helmet designed to kill them in real life if they die in the game.

It could be the idea for a Black Mirror style Squid Game sequel, but Luckey took it seriously and designed his personal NerveGear, by his own admission less functional than the one in the anime, where the unfortunate players are killed by a microwave emitter, but still lethal because equipped with three explosive modules on the front, connected to a precise game-over screen. At that moment the charges explode, instantly destroying the user’s brain.

If some shivers are running down your spine, you are not wrong: the one who is considered to all intents and purposes the father of virtual reality has in fact in mind to go ahead with his project.

“the idea of ​​linking real life to the virtual avatar (…) has always fascinated me -Luckey wrote on his blog- it means instantly raise the stakes to the highest level and forcing people to fundamentally rethink how they interact with the virtual world and the players who inhabit it”

It’s still: “I am designing an anti-intrusion mechanism which, like the NerveGear, will make it impossible to remove or destroy the helmet,” said Luckey (via Vice) “Although there could be many malfunctions that could kill the user at the wrong time. That’s why I haven’t had the courage to try it myself yet”

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A courage that few would have. Or maybe not?

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