“It was vehicular homicide.” The sentence arrives for the death of the young Cosenza Fabrizio Carrozza

“It was vehicular homicide.” The sentence arrives for the death of the young Cosenza Fabrizio Carrozza
“It was vehicular homicide.” The sentence arrives for the death of the young Cosenza Fabrizio Carrozza
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CARIATI (CS) – Yesterday 23 November 2022, the Criminal Court of Castrovillari, in the person of Dr. Annamaria Grimaldi, Single Judge, sentenced Ferrari Francesco Junior to 1 year and 6 months in prison (from old land) for the road murder (Art. 589 bis penal code) of the young Fabrizio Carrozza reserving the right to file the reasons in 90 days.

The incident in which the young twenty-year-old Fabrizio Carrozza lost his life occurred in Cariati on 29 September 2017 in Via San Cataldo, on an urban road, and was caused by the defendant who, driving a Ford Fiesta, had made a sudden and sudden left turn maneuver, crashing the unfortunate centaur head-on that came from the opposite direction of travel and cut short his young life without leaving him any margin of escape.

The victim, after the collision, immediately appeared in desperate conditions and he died a few hours later at the Rossanese hospital.

“The many shadows cast on the dynamics by the misleading initial depositions surrenders of two girls (Alterino Alessia and Pirillo Margherita) who had been transported aboard the Ford Fiesta driven by Ferrari Francesco Junior led both the Carabinieri of the Cariati station and the Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic of Castrovillari, Dr. Angela Continisio, into serious error, which had hypothesized the culpable contribution of the victim in the cause of the fatal accident “, he declares the lawyer Araldo Parrotta, lawyer for the family of the young victim

“An in-depth hearing instruction during which the victim’s family members asked and obtained to hear many witnesses who disavowed the initial versions reported by the two girls highlighting the exclusive responsibility of the defendantas well as, the acquisition of the report of the consultant of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Ing. Giuseppe Minasi, and that of the consultant of the victim’s family, Ing. Fabrizio Coscarelli (from Cosenza) led the Monocratic Judge to appoint his own Expert, the engineer Gianluca Cuomo (from Potenza, who definitively established the dynamics of the accident highlighting that, although there is full visibility and serene sightability between the drivers of the two vehicles, the left turn was made by the Ferrari just 0.8 seconds after impact leaving the unfortunate Fabrizio Carrozza no chance to avoid the fatal impact (in fact, the physiological reaction time is 1.2 seconds),” explains Parrotta.

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The main penalty inflicted on Ferrari Francesco Junior, who was given the benefit of generic extenuating circumstances, non-disclosure and conditional suspension, is integrated with the payment of the legal costs, the suspension of his driving license for one year, and the sentence to a provisional in favor of the victim’s family members while the damage must be quantified by a Civil Judge. Ferrari was also sentenced to pay the fees of Avv. Araldo Parrotta, attorney for the civil parties.

The parents and siblings of the victim, along with other relatives, have always trusted in Justice participating in respectful silence in the many hearings celebrated from 2019 onwards, and, yesterday they assisted with immense respect the reading of the Sentence Device, the outcome of which they confirmed the assignment in favor of their Lawyer to proceed against all those who participated in disseminating fake news and testimonials.

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