Who is and what does the son of Barbara Palombelli and Francesco Rutelli

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Barbara Palombelli Ariston theater during the 71st Sanremo Italian Song Festival, Sanremo, Italy, ANSA/ETTORE FERRARI Newsby

Barbara Palombelli is today one of the faces of information on Rete 4, she has also inherited the running of Forums which airs every day. A historic Mediaset program that after so many years, and various conductions, still manages to entertain the public with curiosity and interest.

Barbara Palombelli is also an established journalist, and behind her an eclectic career characterized by the experience gained in different newsrooms. Often in the spotlight, the presenter has been linked since 1982 to Francesco Rutelli, a politician involved in various projects and known to the public for having been the mayor of the capital. Even today, after so many years together, the two are a close-knit couple and share many passions, they also have 4 children, three of whom have been adopted.

Barbara Palombelli Ariston theater during the 71st Sanremo Italian Song Festival, Sanremo, Italy, ANSA/ETTORE FERRARI Newsby

Barbara Palombelli, that’s why she chose to adopt

The love between Barbara Palombelli and Francesco Rutelli has always been sincere and loyal. The presenter has repeatedly spoken of her personal experiences and why she decided to resort to adoption. In 1982 Barbara gave birth to Giorgio, her only natural child. Today a staid and affirmed man who grew up in a serene and affectionate context. In 1992, Mr and Mrs Rutelli flew to Ecuador to adopt Francisco, 5 years old; finally in 2000 the sisters Serena and Monica arrived.

Within a few years the Rutelli family has grown dramatically, a radical change that Palombelli and her husband have consciously wanted: “Francesco always says that we have set up a circus, Giorgio that he wanted a family like that of Mamma I missed my plane. Francisco was waiting for us with a flower in his hand. He immediately called me ‘mamita’. When I went to Ecuador to adopt Francisco I rediscovered the faith because I saw what the missionaries, nuns and priests do, we have reconnected forever with the faith”. It must be said that for Barbara Palombelli adopting was simple and spontaneous, an uncle in her family had adopted four children and she experienced this gesture as something wonderful.

Serena Rutelli: “I’ve dreamed of GFs since I was 19”

Serena and Monica are two girls abandoned by their natural mother and then by their father and entrusted to a family home. And then at the age of 7 they were adopted by Barbara Palombelli and Rutelli and their life changed radically. Welcomed into a real family for the two, then little girls, it was not entirely easy to integrate. The presenter has repeatedly stated that to help her adopted daughters she too agreed to undergo family therapy.


Serena Rutelli jumped to the news after that participated in Big Brother. In the Cinecittà house, the young woman recounted her difficult experience, and revealed some aspects of her that concern the private sphere. She also confessed that she had dreamed of participating in the reality show since she was just over 19 years old: “I have two nerd parentsi but i’m just the opposite and i’m a beautician. I’ve dreamed of being Big Brother ever since he was 19.” The 4 Rutelli brothers are adults today and have created a beautiful relationship between them, they have followed their professional predispositions and are working hard to establish themselves in their specific working areas.

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Giorgio, this is what the eldest son of Barbara Palombelli and Francesco Rutelli does

Giorgio Rutelli is the first son of Barbara Palombelli and Francesco Rutelli, he is currently involved in journalism and since 2021 he is the director of Ants. net. Graduated in comparative law in Florence, he later studied in Brussels and Boston, then from 2010 he began collaborating with Dagospy.

Expert in geopolitics, media, economics, today he directs a well-known magazine and portal. He carries out a lot of activity in the field of communication and he is a professionally trained person who enjoys esteem of his collaborators, as well as of the parents who are proud of the path he has taken.

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