Who is George Hotz, Geohot, hired by Elon Musk to fix Twitter

Who is George Hotz, Geohot, hired by Elon Musk to fix Twitter
Who is George Hotz, Geohot, hired by Elon Musk to fix Twitter
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George Hotz is a hacker who made headlines some time ago, for having first managed to jailbreak the PS3 but also on the first versions of iOS.

The hacker (in the good sense of the term) managed to get hired by Twitter and the announcement is surprising given the past squabbles with Elon Musk, the new CEO of the social network.

George Hotz created the Comma.ai company, which specializes in driver assistance systems that can be integrated into traditional cars, and was born after having built – by himself – a self-driving car. The hacker’s idea is to offer an alternative equivalent to Tesla’s Autopilot, a possibility that Musk had branded as impossible: “It is extremely unlikely that a single person or even a small company lacking a large engineering validation capacity would be able to capable of producing an autonomous driving system that can be implemented on production vehicles”.

After Musk’s statements, relations between the two had become let’s say “cold” (in 2016 GeoHot had published a photo in his office in which Elon Musk was seen being hit by two darts), certain that one day Musk would regret as much declared and for not having believed in him.

The young hacker said he turned down a proposal that came in last month from Musk but has now accepted a 3-month “internship” at Twitter, ready to troubleshoot after much of the social’s previous team jumped ship .

The CEO of Twitter hired the well-known hacker mainly to fix the social network’s search function. “I have 12 weeks,” wrote George Hotz, noting that he is trying to get rid of annoying pop-ups that can’t be closed and other “things that are ruining the internet.” The contract is fixed-term and the hacker posted details on the progress of the task for which he was called, on his Twitter account of him.

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