“Christmas market, the mayor wanted to “grant” us only what she said, without listening to us…”

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Viterbo – Giulio Terri of the Consortium of street vendors explains why the demonstration has faded: “The announcement of the administration is a photocopy of that of the council of Giovanni Arena but with doubled costs”

by Daniel Camilli

Viterbo – “Mayor Frontini wanted to “grant” us only what she said, without listening to our proposals in the slightest. And in the end we decided not to do the Christmas market anymore. Via Marconi is not good. With 11-12 pews, along a street that contains up to 35-36, it would have been too dispersive. On the other hand, in the face of economic costs that have doubled compared to previous years. That’s why we said no.” Speaking is Giulio Terri of the Christmas market consortium who said “no” to the proposal of the council of the mayor Chiara Frontini to hold the Christmas market no longer in piazza dei caduti but in via Marconi, Viterbo.

Yesterday the point of view of the municipality who said how the peddlers missed an opportunity. Today the reasons of the traders. Not only that, Terri points out, but “the announcement of the Christmas market of the mayor Chiara Frontini is just a photocopy of the announcement of the previous Arena administration. A photocopy of the announcement by the former councilor for commerce Alessia Mancini”.

Giulio Terri

Giulio Terri, why don’t you organize the Christmas market in via Marconi?
“We don’t do it because first of all we didn’t like the proposed location and this from the beginning. We participated in the tender with the hope that it would change, even the area. Then we saw that there were 11, maximum 12 benches and it seemed bad to us. After that the costs we have to bear have doubled. Moreover, the management would have been impossible. An account dividing expenses among 30 people, an account dividing them into 11. And we didn’t feel like it “.

How much would it cost you to do the Christmas market compared to the past?
“I speak for myself. I usually paid around 2,000 euros for management. Between public land, current, surveillance, etc. Now the costs have doubled.”

He said you were hoping the ban would improve this year. In what terms?
“We thought it would improve, but it’s worse than last year. The notice of the council of the mayor Chiara Frontini is a copy paste of the council of Giovanni Arena. A copy paste of the notice of former councilor Alessia Mancini. We thought they were putting us together at the food in Piazza dei Caduti and that there were even more stalls, at least thirty. 10-12 pews we get lost in the middle of the street. A route, among other things, much, too long. Not only that, but you’re also exposed, with four sides open and vigilance would have been problematic. There would have been a security problem. Also there would be pews that stood against the wall. In short, a slightly more covered route would have been needed”.

In short, you first encountered a commercial problem…
“Exactly. The Christmas market must be done on a square. We had been in one place for 40 years, and we were fine. Now, long long down a street… it doesn’t work. After that in via Marconi there isn’t all this traffic of people. Instead in Piazza dei Caduti we were more compact. Also, with the new location, being few, you get lost. Commercially via Marconi is dispersive”.

Viterbo – The Christmas market in Piazza dei Caduti

How many stalls go along via Marconi?
“When we do the Annunziata fair, 35-36 stalls go there”.

How did the negotiations with the municipality go? What was the attitude that the Frontini administration has towards you?
“The attitude was this: the mayor Frontini wanted to “grant” us only what she said without listening to our proposals in the slightest. There was no way. There has been little collaboration. In the end it also seemed that we should thank her because she insisted on letting us go to the market in via Marconi, even if we said that we did not like the place and that we wanted to stay in piazza dei caduti ”.

The administration also said that you missed an opportunity…
“Yes, that’s exactly what they told us, that we were losing an opportunity from a commercial point of view. But we don’t lose it at all. Not only that, but the period we are living in is critical precisely from a commercial point of view. Building a counter, at least as far as I’m concerned, means investing 10,000 euros in goods. Furthermore, many of us come from outside and there are travel expenses, as well as those related to renting a room or an apartment to stay directly on the spot. The mayor is quick to say that we have lost an opportunity commercially!”

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Was the opposition to your proposal to remain in Piazza dei Caduti shared by the entire Frontini junta or were there some distinctions?
“No distinctions. They did everything themselves. The first meeting took place at the end of September when they presented us the proposal with us already frowning. Because we didn’t like the proposal right away. But despite this, the proposal remained that way. There was little collaboration from the administration”.

Viterbo - Via Marconi

Viterbo – Via Marconi

How long did the negotiations with the municipality last?
“They lasted until last Monday, because until the end we hoped that the municipality would change its mind”.

Is there still room for negotiation with the municipality?
“No, it’s over. Enough under these conditions. We asked to get together at the food in piazza dei caduti because in ten it would not have been dispersive. Instead the mayor Frontini insisted with via Marconi “.

There was no way…
“Exactly. As Frontini told us, we had to stay”.

With whom did the negotiations take place?
“They were held with the mayor Chiara Frontini and the councilors for economic development Silvio Franco and urban planning Emanuele Aronne. In addition, the municipal manager of commerce. And all three, mayor and councilors, insisted on via Marconi. We sought agreement. But it was only a ‘No’, repeated several times. They stayed on that line.”

Daniele Camilli

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November 24, 2022

The article is in Italian

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