“I want to return the annuity, I was disgusted by my experience in politics”

“I want to return the annuity, I was disgusted by my experience in politics”
“I want to return the annuity, I was disgusted by my experience in politics”
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Gerry Scotti, born Virginius. TV presenter, historic face of Mediaset, with a past on the radio and… in Parliament. The judge of You are worth it indeed it was elected deputy in 1987 in the ranks of the PSI, then led by Bettino Craxi. A commitment that he always shared with work on TV and which he does not talk about willingly. “I lived that experience badly,” he said in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “If in my career I feel I have received a lot because I have given a lot, in my political experience I have received little because I have given little,” she comments.

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Thanks to work commitments, Gerry Scotti was often absent during his mandate, but during the first period he nevertheless presented various bills relating to the conditions of young people, a matter that had been entrusted to him, all of which remained unheard. Disillusionment followed his political commitment: «For ten years I never went to the condominium meetings and I never voted again. I was disgusted », he declares in the interview. What remains of the parliamentary adventure is only the annuity accrued at the age of 65: «I still have the famous thousand euro pension that I want to give up: I have already told three prime ministers (the first was Matteo Renzi in 2014, ed) and I will also tell Giorgia Meloni. They suggest I give them to charity: I got there. But I wish I didn’t have to withdraw them. Since I’ve been talking about it, do you know how many other former ladies have written to me to join this idea? Zero », she says to the interviewer.

Career in TV

Politics aside, it’s better to talk about a career on TV, which however was not the first love. «I did the radio and it seemed to me the best. We have been listening to Linus for 30 years: if I hadn’t taken my path, today you would hear him and me, because that’s what I wanted to do, the radio”. Gerry Scotti defines himself as a lucky boy, a shy man from the outskirts of Milan, the son of workers, who has no problem admitting: «I had no spirit of revenge and I never wanted to become who I am: it wasn’t my goal. A lot of things just happened.” The arrival in video comes with the pioneering experiment of DeejayTv, launched in 1983 by Claudio Cecchetto, the founder of Radio DeeJay and Radio Capital. «Cecchetto was the first to take the trouble to tell me that what I was doing on the radio I could do, in the same way, on TV. It seemed to me the maximum extension of my professionalism: I lived it as a prosthesis, as an illegal activity», explains Gerry al Courier. Success comes a few years after col Festivalbar, in which Scotti enters almost on tiptoe, with telepromotions between one singer and another, but one evening the roar of the audience at his entrance convinces the organizers that he was the right man to lead the 1988 edition. « It wasn’t even in my hopes. This was the first great act against my prediction and also against my will », he comments moved.

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The growing popularity soon leads the child who did not even like his recorded voice as a child under the lens of the top Mediaset executives, in particular of Fatma Ruffini, plenipotentiary of Italian private TVs between the 1990s and the beginning of the new millennium, who says that that face cannot remain only in music programmes. The meeting in a parking lot of the Mediaset studios: «“Are you happy doing what you do?” [mi chiede Ruffini]. “It doesn’t seem like it, ma’am,” I reply. But she nods with her finger and says: “You are suitable to be formed a family: next year you will lead the Game of Nine”. Another “unintentional dream” come true? «Not at all. It’s a bit like someone who leads today X Factor they said to go play the seven o’clock TV game. But I was also the right person for Vianello». It must also have been such a blessing that convinced Scotti to change his role. The fact is that since then the conductor has become a familiar face in Italian homes, including seven o’clock quizzes, games, talent shows, prime time and even some sitcoms, even without ever having become an actor in all respects.


Family comes first

Today Gerry Scotti declares that he has made peace with his public dimension, but what really matters is something else, above all the family and the values ​​he leaves you. Something that the conductor understood from a very young age. The friends are still today those of the Liceo Carducci in Milan: «The fact of being able to re-land each time among them has kept me closely tied to the Gerry Scotti that I was and always have been». However, a high school in the center of Milan meant coming into contact with a different reality from that of the suburbs in which he had grown up. At the time, with the first difficulties in Greek and Latin, the dirty looks and the “advice” to go to professional schools began. His classmates, on the other hand, arrived in Jaguars and Maseratis, even if this never led the young Gerry to be marginalized: «We were well liked, I even went to do my homework with them. I went into these houses and saw butlers, six, seven rooms… I lived in two rooms plus service with my parents. Every now and then some classmates came to study with me and the next day, in class, everyone asked me: is there really cake in your house every day?». Simple episodes which, however, made the future conductor understand that, even without having a butler, he was the bearer of a wealth different from that of his companions. “There I understood that the benefits of life are others,” he explains. «I came from a humble but dignified environment, where if you went to the courtyard without a snack you would find someone who offered it to you. I have never lacked for anything while in those families of the more affluent social classes, I think a lot of things were lacking».

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Today the family is still central and the cake in the house continues to be there, even if Scotti went through a period in which this reassuring nucleus seemed to fall apart. Between 2002 and 2009, with the divorce from Patrizio Grosso’s first wife and the sudden death of his parents, «all the statuettes of the crib that represented my concept of family seemed suddenly burned», he explains. But the center of gravity was found in that same extended and renewed family. In 2011 the relationship with his current partner, the architect Gabriella Perino, began, who has not yet become her wife but for whom the conductor has only words of admiration: «I know that I absolutely needed a woman like her. She doesn’t like clamor, it almost annoys her.’ Today he once again radiates satisfaction with his role as father of the family: «I’m the annoyance who says to turn off the light or stop the water from flowing in the house. Now they are big, but how many nights have I been awake waiting for one or the other to come back… they are my lifeline, they make me feel like a living man and an ordinary person». Perhaps also for this reason the most beautiful fulfillment he receives today, he says, is no longer how he appears on TV, but “We grew up with you”.


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