“Oliando”, discovering the new oil in Cisterna

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CISTERNA – All the flavor and what you need to know about the first oil from the first olives of the new harvest, on Saturday in Cisterna di Latina with the first edition of “Oliando, the freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil”.
Organized by CAPOL (Centro Assaggiatori Produzioni Olivicole Latina) and the Municipality of Cisterna di Latina, Palazzo Caetani will host on Saturday, from 10 to 20, stands with displays of the products of the olive farms, food and wine stands of local companies, tasting counters with tasting of extra oil virgin olive oil and local products, and then many conferences, debates to find out more about the oil that has just been pressed and immediately bottled to retain its precious drops and its lively fragrance.
A very interesting trip to the countryside is also planned, exactly in Doganella di Ninfa at the Rossi farm. At 9.30, in fact, there will be a day of training and updating on olive growing for producers, entitled “Olive grove management in the light of climate change”, which will be followed by the psychophysiological sensory analysis of taste and smell to recognize a quality oil (limited places, reservations required on 329.8120593 – [email protected]).
Meanwhile at Palazzo Caetani will be held “Taster for a day” (at 10:30) “Oliando” Award: consumers will be sworn of the oil of the companies participating in the event. For the whole day, with the help of expert connoisseurs and producers, it will be possible to taste the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and local products while, through the exhibition platform, Capol professional tasters will present and promote the EVO Oil and the olives “Itrana Bianca” and “Gaeta” table wines from local companies.
At 5 pm there will be the “L’Olio delle Colline Pontine tasters in comparison” prize reserved for tasters of virgin and extra virgin olive oils and at 6 pm the sensorial journey to the DOP Colline Pontine Evo Oil by the Head panel Luigi Centauri, then at 19 the conference “Anti-cancer properties of quality extra virgin olive oil” by dr. Alessandro Rossi Capol consultant, moderated by journalist Roberto Campagna.
At the end of the day, the results resulting from the preferences of the “Taster for a day” consumers will be announced and there will be the awarding and delivery of certificates to the participants of the 1st “Oliando” Competition and the “Olive Grove Management” training course.
All will be enlivened by the musical accompaniment of the artist Cecilia Iacomini and the painting exhibitions by Maria Pia Biagini and the Hawana Family.
«The event is part of a broader strategy that the Municipality of Cisterna intends to pursue in the promotion of its food and wine excellence – affirm the Councilor for Agriculture Emiliano Cerro and the delegate for Tourism and Events Aura Contarino -. In fact, extra virgin olive oil represents another important typical production of ours, alongside kiwis and vines, whose undisputed quality today sees the Municipality of Cisterna as the protagonist, together with other municipalities in our hinterland, especially the hills, with which collaborative processes aimed at an ever more careful and punctual promotion of agriculture and tourism in our area with a view to increasingly effective economic development of productive activities.
The intention of the Administration remains to favor over time, within the marvelous setting of our Palazzo Nobile, an encounter that is emotional, of tasting, enhancing and deepening the flavors of our territory».

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