Cariplo Foundation: 5 new Social Housing projects, one in Como

Cariplo Foundation: 5 new Social Housing projects, one in Como
Cariplo Foundation: 5 new Social Housing projects, one in Como
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The social and economic effects of the pandemic have not affected everyone in the same way, those who find themselves living in a situation of fragility experience ever greater difficulty, especially when essential issues such as housing and autonomy are touched upon. To address the problem, Fondazione Cariplo has promoted 5 new projects in Lombardy, one of which in the province of Lodi, one in Brescia, one in Varese, one in Como, one in the VCO for a total amount of over 1.233 million euros.

Cariplo Foundation: 5 new Social Housing projects, one in Como

The living dimension represents a crucial space both for recovering, putting to the test and maintaining the capacity for independent living of those who are fragile, and for dealing with transitional phases of difficulty, and – if declined in a targeted way – can decisively improve the condition of well-being of the people. In recent years, housing problems have worsened in general, extending to increasingly large segments of the population due to the evolution of certain social and economic dynamics (discontinuous working careers, migratory routes, weakening of primary networks, growth in the cost of real estate and of rents…) that the pandemic emergency has contributed to aggravate further.

The five projects supported will allow the launch of new social housing interventions aimed specifically at people in difficulty and will mobilize local resources otherwise unavailable. They address the most needy social categories by increasing the supply of social housing and activating paths of accompaniment and support for the autonomy of the people they welcome. Furthermore, the initiatives will allow the implementation of renovation and energy requalification interventions on buildings with a consequent reduction in energy consumption and a lower environmental impact.

Social housing will continue to be one of the key themes of the Cariplo Foundation for 2023 which will direct its philanthropic activity towards the fight against new forms of poverty, the welfare of people in difficulty, social housing and employability and work (for young people , people with disabilities, NEETs…) with an overall commitment of 15.3 million euros. Particular attention to young people and their psychological well-being, put to the test in recent years.

From 2000 to today, 365 “social housing” projects have been supported, approving contributions for over 68 million euros. It is estimated that it has created over 6,000 beds for people with frailty. In its first 30 years of activity, Fondazione Cariplo has promoted the creation of over 35,000 projects in the fields of Art and Culture, for the Environment, for Scientific Research and for the Social, making available for these initiatives over 3.5 billion euros:

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  • 2298 projects supported in the ENVIRONMENT sector for 214.1 million euros
  • 13786 projects supported in the ART AND CULTURE sector for 1161.2 million euros
  • 2338 projects supported in the SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH sector for 538.1 million euros
  • 17178 projects supported in the PERSONAL SERVICES sector for 1735 million euros

“Social Housing is a concrete response to the housing problem for the most vulnerable segments of the population. Over twenty years, the Cariplo Foundation has been working to guarantee forms of temporary reception for families and single people in housing difficulties and with disabilities. Even our Como area needs initiatives to help, for example, the elderly, guaranteeing them paths of autonomy, such as the project of the Parish of SS. Pietro e Paolo di Rovellasca which will create 8 homes for people over 65”, commented the people from Como Henry Lironidirector of the Cariplo Foundation, Mauro Magatti And Monica Testorimembers of the Central Charity Commission.

The Rovellasca project

The project of the Parish of SS. Pietro e Paolo foresees the demolition of some structures in Rovellasca to build a two-storey building consisting of 8 mini-apartments (8 beds) for the residual autonomy of self-sufficient elderly people over 65 in the area. The initiative represents the expansion of a previous project supported in 2018 which had seen the construction of an elderly recreational day center (CDA) and 5 mini-apartments for the elderly.

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