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Who was Viron Karabollaj, perpetrator of the double murder of Spinea

Who was Viron Karabollaj, perpetrator of the double murder of Spinea
Who was Viron Karabollaj, perpetrator of the double murder of Spinea
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He killed himself in the shed. He killed his ex-wife and her new partner on Sunday evening, and took his own life in the night between Sunday and Monday at Veneto Ponteggi in Chirignago. «Viron Karabollaj – the company let us know – considered this company as his home. A tireless worker, a completely reliable person. He had the keys to the company and to the cars.’ Now that everything is under seizure after the massacre and the extreme act of Karabollaj, the company is blocked.

«It was all in his availability. Foreman serious and precise, responsible and honest. Had we had 10 people like Viron, we would now be a spa», comment the owners. Viron Karabollaj killed his ex-wife Vera Myrtaj, 37, and the young Flonino Merkuri, 24, the woman’s new companion, in the house once shared by the spouses and their 15 and 13-year-old daughters, in via Leopardi in Spinea. After the massacre Karabollaj left in Vera’s car, a Fiat Freemont, he wandered until he reached Veneto Ponteggi, where he had been working for 5 years, abandoning the car before getting there and continuing on foot to the gate. Here, since he had the keys, he entered to make the last extreme gesture towards himself.

A perhaps premeditated massacre, in which Karabollaj spared his daughters. One of her was out with her friends, her youngest was picked up, as she did every weekend having permission to see the girls periodically, and taken to her home in Mira before she returned to Spinea to kill. But no one among colleagues and relatives would have ever thought that a Viron man could go that far. Nothing can justify what Viron Karabollaj has done, but it is the image of “a capable worker, an attentive and precise foreman and an honest operator, who had earned everyone’s esteem and affection”, the one that Veneto Scaffolding wants to give Karabollaj, condemning the double murder he has committed.

«He kept the team’s morale high, we laughed with him, we had barbecues, we made fun of him because he didn’t speak Italian well yet». As for the alleged economic problems, the company specifies: “he had men under him and therefore a salary not as a worker but adequate for his responsibilities”. This should be excluded as the cause of the explosion of homicidal violence. The family, on the other hand, after the separation that was still in progress, was the real thorn in Karabollaj’s side. Not so much, it is said, for the wife’s new partner. Viron Karabollaj knew about the new relationship and had seen Merkuri with his ex-wife also in Albania.

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“He felt helpless in the face of the ongoing lawsuits with his ex, so much so that he closed in on himself,” the acquaintances say. An accusation of ill-treatment and sexual assault still standing, with a hearing scheduled for next Monday. And the joint bank account litigation. Perhaps an exasperating situation that Karabollaj, once a shepherd in Albania, could no longer bear”.

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