cooks steaks in the toaster, risks setting fire to the kitchen

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Cooked a steak but at the same time uselessly risking giving fire in the kitchen, if not to the whole house? It is the danger that evidently a user on TikTok (and where else) was she willing to run, given her decidedly not very brilliant intuition of using the small appliance, which for who knows why has the term ‘bread’ in its name, to prepare a good steak. Actually two.


The idea would seem revolutionary: what’s the point of wasting gas and risking ruining the bottom of a pan when we could put two big slices of meat in the toaster? “Because I didn’t think of it before”, some chefs would also say, evidently enlightened by the intuition of a certain Juliette, who became trendy on TikTok thanks to her video. In spite of everything, according to the published clip, the experiment would seem pure succeededcomplete with steak consumed after a good dose of Ketchup (another fact that horrified us). This new genius of alternative cuisine, however, seems to have no idea of danger course within the home walls.

Cooking food that is not bread in the toaster: the dangers

The video on TikTok is depopulating: countless views and, who knows, perhaps even countless imitation attempts by users equally unaware of the dangers deriving from this cooking system. As reported by The Sun i firefighters they wanted to warn TikTok users of the risks related to cook a steak in the toaster oven. Well yes, obviously it is necessary for the firefighters to explain to people that the toaster is actually and exclusively for toast the bread.


London authorities are urging anyone who sees the now hopelessly viral video to don’t try the same at home: the risk of causing a fire it is especially tall. In fact, as stated, household appliances should only be used for the use for which they are designed, and taking imaginative liberties could lead to dangers that are as useless as they are easily avoidable. “Do not cook steaks in the toaster” is in short the appeal launched in response to the video of the user TikTok.

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