one dead, the ambulance arrives after an hour

one dead, the ambulance arrives after an hour
one dead, the ambulance arrives after an hour
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He didn’t make it, the elderly man who was involved in the terrible accident that took place last night, around 7.30 pm, on the coast road HostAnzioto Ardeaup to Hill Romito. The man, a resident of the consortium, died a few hours after the accident. The injuries sustained as a result of the accident were too serious.

The clash happened right in front of the entrance to the Colle Romito complex, in Via delle Pinete. The carabinieri of the Norm of the Compagnia di Anzio and the 118 doctors rushed to the scene. Four people were injured, including the elderly man, who immediately appeared to be the most serious.

The dynamics

The accident was terrible. But also announced, from what an eyewitness tells us, Monica Fasoli, owner of the Il Pellicano bar, located right in front of the spot where the accident occurred. “The car in which the victim was traveling was driven by his son. It came from management Host and put the arrow to turn left and enter the Consortium of Colle Romito. But another car arrived at full speed, coming from the direction Anzio, who hit her in full, hitting her on the right side, especially in front. The father was sitting there.”

The man, with the bump, he was thrown out of the carcrashing into the sidewalk. His condition immediately appeared serious. “We immediately called for help. We called 118 and 112. Only the carabinieri arrived, while the ambulance didn’t. The first call was made at 7.05pm. But the ambulance arrived at 20:05. One hour later. It is truly inconceivable. After 40 minutes I asked the carabinieri for information, who told me that they too had asked. She was probably busy with something else and didn’t arrive ”.

Badly lit road, meaningless one-way streets and uncontrolled speed

The man is then rescued by 118 only an hour after the accident and taken in red code to the hospital, where he will die due to the very serious injuries sustained. Meanwhile, on the road, the carabinieri carry out the surveys. The street is badly lit and probably the motorist who ran over the car in which the elderly man was traveling did not see in time that the latter was turning. Speed ​​also definitely played his part.

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“To all this we add the fact that the one-way streets used to enter and leave the Consortium have complicated things. When the incoming and outgoing roads were two-way there was never an accident. Now, however, it is a massacre. Yesterday afternoon, before the fatal one, there had been another one, fortunately less serious. They ‘just’ glued each other to a pole”, explains Monica. “But accidents happen all the time. This is wrong, badly done signage. Often there are those who commit infractions. And now the dead man has escaped. I hope that now something is really done so that it doesn’t happen again “.

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