Frosinone- Brain death declared for Benedetta Quadrozzi

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The brain death of Benedetta Quadrozzi, the eighteen-year-old originally from Alatri who felt ill at the tennis club in Viale Europa last Thursday afternoon, was declared at the Bambin Gesù in Rome.

She was immediately rescued by maestro Peruzzi who had given her cardiac massage and while awaiting the arrival of help, had tried to revive her with defibrillator discharges.

An attempt at resuscitation that lasted more than forty minutes, to try to stabilize her and be able to transport her to the nearby hospital.

However, his conditions immediately appeared serious, so much so that he had to be transferred to the Bambin Gesù in Rome. Here, in the intensive care unit, however, the doctors witnessed a significant and progressive worsening of the poor girl who until this afternoon was subjected to diagnostic tests of her vital functions.

It was not possible to do anything but declare her brain dead and establish the detachment from the machinery that guarantees her breathing.

News that threw her family, her many friends, her classical high school in Frosinone, which yesterday evening had organized a vigil for her in the cathedral of Santa Maria, into despondency and despair. Despite the biting cold and the biting wind, in fact, the aisles of the church were packed with students, professors and parents, united in prayer for her and her family.

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A beautiful, brilliant girl, in her last year of high school, with many projects and a passion for tennis that she had resumed a few months ago but a mocking fate shattered her dreams forever.

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