Arrow murder, Bishop Anselmi in procession in vico Mele: “Wound still fresh for the neighborhood” –

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GENOA – “It seemed right to remember it because it is a still fresh wound for the neighborhood. Two families are devastated, in different ways but both truly scarred”. These are the words with which the bishop Nicolò Anselmi explains the passage of the procession of the Patronal Feast of Our Lady of the Vineyards in vico Mele, scene of the murder of Javier Alfredo Romero Miranda, killed by an arrow following a quarrel. The procession observed a minute of recollection and recited eternal rest, “we prayed for dialogue and for peace” explains the bishop. For Anselmi it was also an opportunity to say goodbye to his community before his transfer to Rimini but, as he himself said, “there will also be other occasions”.

The procession was also the occasion to inaugurate a new study room in the neighborhood, which theArchbishop of Genoa Marco Tascapresent for the occasion, described how “a place of exchange, welcome and donation“. “This is a beautiful Christian community – continues the monsignor – I address a special prayer to them”. Then the greeting to Anselmi, who will move to Rimini: “There will be a special celebration for a great special gift for our church which is Don Nicolò. The church of Rimini has received so much grace with his presence”.

The article is in Italian

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