Isobel Amici 22 Age, Origins, Dancer, Boyfriend and Instagram

Isobel Amici 22 Age, Origins, Dancer, Boyfriend and Instagram
Isobel Amici 22 Age, Origins, Dancer, Boyfriend and Instagram
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Let’s find out who the new student in Amici 22’s class is: from her origins to her first steps in dance and Isobel’s debut on Canale 5!

Isobel from Friends 22

What origins, how old is she and where does the beautiful and talented dancer Isobel live who entered the Amici 22 school with an exciting challenge!

Who is Isobel: Surname, Origins, Age and Where She Lives

Among the new faces of Canale 5 there is also Isobel, let’s find out everything about her! Her full name is Isobel Fetiye Kinnear and is a 19-year-old of Australian descent. The girl was born in May 2003 in Australia but the exact place or date of birth and consequently not even the zodiac sign are known. The young woman is currently a dancer and TV face of the Amici 22 broadcast on Canale 5. We do not know where she currently lives but it is known that for work travel continuously all over the world.

The Dance Career: Beginnings, Collaborations, Friends 22, Challenges

Isobel begins to love dance from an early age and enters the Dream Dance Company where she refines her technique. In 2022 she takes part in a dance internship with Christian Stefanelli and in the same year she enters one of the most popular programs on Italian TV. In fact, in the Sunday episode of 20 November 2022, the 19-year-old Isobel presents herself to Amici 22 to challenge a titular dancer, Claudia Bentrovato.

Professors Emanuel Lo and Alessandra Celentano decide to put in immediate challenge Claudia against Isobel and after the performance the judge of the competition Francesca Bernardini decreed the victory of the Australian. Isobel will therefore have to choose whether to join the team of Alessandra Celentano or Emanuel Lo but all the professors are unanimous in immediately recognizing Isobel’s talent, who therefore enters as owner of the talent show, with the hope of keeping the desk until the stage of Evening.


Private Life and Curiosity: Boyfriend, Hobbies and Instagram

Very little is still known about the young dancer’s private life, but if she remains at Amici 22, a lot of information will certainly emerge as Isobel’s skill and beauty did not go unnoticed. We don’t know if she is currently single or engaged but her Instagram profile of her, @isobel_kinnearis followed by almost 19 thousand followers with whom the dancer shares her work experiences and some moments of relaxation during the trips.

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