Milan market – Okafor at the top of the list: the price may not scare

Milan market – Okafor at the top of the list: the price may not scare
Milan market – Okafor at the top of the list: the price may not scare
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Noah Okafor, player of Salzburg, is a market target of Milan. The price is high, but it may not scare: here’s why

Today’s edition of ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ took stock of the Milan transfer market and, in particular, of Noah Okafor. The Salzburg footballer showed off in group E of the Champions League, facing Milan and Chelsea with the personality of a veteran. The AC Milan club has been targeting him for some time and, on the occasion of the summer transfer market, he could become a real target to focus on. There is no shortage of competition and his valuation, of course, is not that low.

The line with the project

Okafor fits perfectly with the philosophy of Milan: young footballer (born in 2000), great quality and enormous room for improvement. Despite this identikit, the attacker also boasts some experience in the international arena. With his Switzerland, for example, he put Italy in great difficulty in the double clash which then sent the Azzurri to the play-offs for the World Cup. And now that World Cup will play him as a protagonist. His season so far has been brilliant: 10 goals overall, including 7 in the league and 3 in the Champions League with two illustrious victims: Milan and Chelsea. The ingredients are all there.

Price may not be an issue

These numbers can only increase your visibility. And there is still the World Cup to play, which could showcase him even more. The competition is high, as is the price: ‘Rosea’ writes that its valuation already exceeds i 35 million euros. The interest of the rich Premier League is a direct consequence of the high jump from an economic point of view. However, beware of the moves of Milan which, only a few months ago, demonstrated that money is not a problem if the player in question really tickles the fantasies of the management. Okafor, therefore, could be the big investment as was Charles De Ketelaere. It also all depends on Raphael Leao: in the event of the transfer of the Portuguese, then the Rossoneri would have an even wider margin to operate. Luis Alberto is the domino of the market: free an old Milan ball

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