A 23-year-old Nissan sold for the price of two new Lamborghinis

A 23-year-old Nissan sold for the price of two new Lamborghinis
A 23-year-old Nissan sold for the price of two new Lamborghinis
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A rare one Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo Clubman Race Spec It sold in Hong Kong for $662,208, the seller’s website reported Contemporary Concept. So much money can buy two new Lamborghini Huracans. The Japanese sports car is a cult model and its prices have risen sharply in recent years. Limited versions like the GT-R Nismo are particularly expensive.

A rare Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo Clubman Race Spec has been sold for a record price

In total, only 19 Nissan Skyline GT-R34 in the Nismo Tuning Studio version. Their 2.6-litre 6-cylinder turbocharged engine was modified, with power increased from 280 to 443hp. This particular car was updated last year. And one more fact – the mileage shows 0 km, which can also cause doubts. It is actually a new car from 1999, perfectly preserved and looks like it has just come off the assembly line.

This may be the most expensive R34 GT-R ever sold. According to experts, this R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R it might even be the best example of classic car insanity ever. Nismo is the tuning and motorsport division of Nissan, working to keep the GT-R legacy alive. This R34 has a Nismo R3 engine, zero mileage and some very unusual upgrades. However, it probably won’t be the last of its kind: two more R3-powered Race Spec Clubmans are reportedly being prepared at the Nismo factory in Omori.

The R3 engine is based on the R1 RB26DETAILS which Nismo built in 2001. The R3 engine in this GT-R has new turbochargers, a new camshaft, R35 injectors, a new ECU and a new long block from the N2 engine. Finally, things are completed by one titanium exhaust. The result are 443 hp, the gearbox is the GT-R’s six-speed manual. Add in the fact that this particular car is an already rare 1999 Nismo model and the outrageous sale price becomes a little clearer.

Interestingly, if the car remains in Hong Kong, the new owner will have to pay more taxes than the car’s sale price. Hong Kong has a special taxation for newly registered vehicles like this R34 due to the odometer readings. Cars over $350,000 HKD ($44,743 USD) are subject to a sales tax by 115%.


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